Hi-tech manufacturing Technician and Operator skills

To provide guidance on vocational skills training provided by higher/ further education colleges the PLG are consulting on the core skills industry would like to find in technicians and production level operators. The attached summary represents typical skills requirements of clean, hi- tech manufacturers as typified by requirements of photonics, optoelectronics, and electronics and advanced materials manufacturers.

Please indicated the importance of the skills detailed in attached pdf to you organisation with the following scale

  • 3- Vital to your business
  • 2- Useful and relevant to some roles in your business
  • 1- Generic useful skill, but only superficial relevant to your business
  • 0 – Irrelevant

In completing, note this will primarily be used to inform vocational training (e.g HNC /HND) provided by local further education colleges not degree level university training. Such training is modular with a different number of modules required as different levels for specific qualifications. When available there is also normally an opportunity for employers to send staff for training on specific modules. Not all skills will be relevant to all companies and some sector specific skills are identified. If there are additional skill sets that you believe would be relevant to multiple organisation please indicate.

We would also be grateful if you could provide a very short description of the typical working environment for employees with this approximate skill level in you organisation.

Please leave comment below

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