Who are we?

The Photonics Leadership Group collects input from the full cross-section of the UK photonics to provide expert and industry informed guidance to government, support agencies, users and developers of photonics to highlight opportunities for maximising the growth and adoption of this key enabling technology.

The PLG welcomes input from industry leaders from across the full spectrum of those developing and applying photonics in the UK, from component suppliers to integrated system manufacturers. We are especially grateful to the following contributors for their regular input.

If you are interested in becoming a regular contributor, attending  quarterly meetings and reviewing PLG recommendations and outputs, please contact us.

Ian Alderton, Alrad
Prof Martin Dawson / Simon Andrews, Fraunhofer CAP
Ric Allott STFC/Central Laser Facility/AILU
Peter Batchelor, Goldphoton
Nick Martin BAE Systems
John Blomfield, Qioptiq
Susan Peacock, Liam Blackwell, EPSRC
Andy Carter / Mike Wale, Oclaro
Chris Dorman, Coherent Scotland
Mark Gubbins, Seagate
Antony Hurden, Grounded Innovation Ltd
Simon Andrews, Fraunhofer UK
Gareth Jones, LUX-TSI Limited
Gareth Jones/ Andrew Robertson, Gooch and Housego
Prof. Duncan Hand, Heriot-Watt University
Myrddin Jones, Innovate
Andrew Kearsley, Oxford Lasers
Nigel Rix, Mat Walsey, Anke Lohmann, KTN
John Lincoln, Harlin Ltd, Future Photonics Hub
Keith Lewis, Sciovis Ltd
Allan Colquhoun,  Robert Lamb, Leonardo,
Gordon McKenzie
James Mckenzie, Photonstar led group plc
Stephen Taylor Technology Sctoland /  Scottish Optoelectronics Association
Steve Norman, SPI Laser
Graeme Malcolm, M2 Lasers
Wyn Meredeth, Compound Semiconductor Centre
Drew Nelson / Iwan Davies IQE
Andrew Charlton Laser Quantum/ Lynton Lasers
Representatives from Thales UK
Representatives from EW Simulation Technology
Sir Prof. David Payne, Prof David Richardson, University of Southampton
Richard Pitwon, Xyratex
David Rimmer, DREM Ventures Ltd., Welsh Optoelectronics Forum
Representatives from QinetiQ
Prof. Alwyn Seeds, UCL
Prof. Martin Sharp, Association of Industrial Laser Users, Liverpool John Moores University
David Smith,  Huawei
Stuart Sendall, Pacer International
Jason Smith, University of Oxford
Mark Thompson IPG
Sergei Turitsyn / Andrew Ellis, University of Aston, Aston Institute of Photonic Technologies
Ian White, University of Cambridge
Ian Williams, Department for Business, Innovation & Skills (BIS)
Alastair Wilson, WJA Consulting, CST Global
Phillip White, UKTI

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