Author: johnlincoln

SWOTS updated

Several of the SWOTS of key UK photonics sectors have been updated following input from industry experts.  Key changes are underlined in each SWOT postings.  Further comments are very welcome

Connecting Great and Enabling Technologies

Isn’t every great technology an enabling technology? Superficially yes, but these terms are being used by support agencies, government and the European Commission to describe, in some cases, quite different areas of technology which will be the focus of significant targeted support and funding. To maximise synergises between different technologies, industries and economic support from…

UK Photonics SWOT – Security Metrology and Sensors including defence and aerospace

Note this SWOT looks at the complete area of Security metrology and sensing and specifically includes photonics related to defence and aerospace applications. Sensing related to healthcare is included in 3.Life sciences – biophotonics and industrial process control in 2. Industrial manufacturing. 5- Security Metrology and Sensors including defence and aerospace Strengths Globally significant defence/security…