Photonics revolutionising the World

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Photonics – Revolutionising Our World Report

Photonics and the technologies of light are vital to every aspect of our lives, from healthcare to manufacturing, communications and defence and security.   Just a few examples illustrating the how photonics is one of the key industries for the future are included in
Photonics – Revolutionising Our World focused on transport, manufacturing and healthcare.

Photonics technology continues to develop rapidly, with new innovations vital to improving productivity, enabling the digital economy and enhancing our well-being and quality of live. Despite being a ‘visual’ technology, the key enabling functionality from photonics is often buried deep in the products and processes we depend on everyday. From the lasers used to weld safer more efficient cars, to the optics used to count cells and detect infection in blood samples, to the screens in our phones and cameras capturing the latest selfies.