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When registering for the first time avoid using your email address or other personal information as your user name. We recommend using a derivative of your organisation name. User names are associated with your listing and can be visible to some search engines and should not contain personal information. You will still be able to login with your email address or your user name.

Registered Users: We are aware of an error that means that on the first and second attempts to login you will may receive a ‘Failed Validating RecAptcha’ error. Please persist login will work on the 3rd attempt.

For mislaid passwords, please use the lost password link.

If you wish to change the email address associated with your listing/ account so others in your organisation can edit your listing, or change the account user name, please contact us providing your organisation name and changes required. New editors should first create their own account that we can associate the listing.

Account owners are able to make all other changes to their listing, including updating the organisation name, in line with the features available in their listing package. Users will be notified of of new features, which may require editing your listing to take full advantage of.