Grand Photonic Challenges

UK photonics leaders have identified four grand challenges for the industry to address over the next 5 to 10 years. Delivering Internet 5.0, where data delivery is ubiquitous, invisible and instantaneous to all people and all factories, no matter where they are or what they are doing. I5_0 will break the link between digital demand…

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Photonics Landscape

Who is doing what, where? The interactive photonics landscape tool from the Knowledge Transfer Network shows where many UK photonics companies are located and which markets/applications they are focused on.  Searchable by region and application, this tool gives insights into the breadth of applications addressed by UK photonics and distribution of companies around the UK….

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Lasers- an essential tool for raising manufacturing productivity

Lasers are an increasingly essential tool for enhancing productivity in modern manufacturing enabling rapid precision cutting,  welding, joining, engraving and marking in additional to precision quality control and on-line measurement.  The latest review article from Industrial Laser Solutions summarises how the latest fibre laser – invented in the UK continue are enhancing the manufacturing process.

Improving recruitment efficiency by expanding appeal of photonics job

Many high technology sectors are experiencing difficulty in recruiting the right skills at the right time.  Photonics is no different and must recruit the very best talent in the fastest possible time to continue to expand.  In a rapidly growing industry, the faster a new position can be filled and the more suitable candidates apply…

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Photonics in Medtech and pharma

A Cardiff meeting on 13 December will examine the pivotal role of photonics in Medical Technologies and Pharmaceutical development and production. Organised by the Centre for Process Innovation and the Knowledge Transfer Network, this event gives the opportunity hear what Pharma and MedTech users need from photonics and how developments in these area can be supported…

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PLG welcomes the introduction of Innovation loans

Innovate_UK has announced it will begin piloting of innovation loans.  Targeted to later state research and development project the will sit alongside Innovate’s well established innovation grants. The often hidden enabling nature of photonics, and the rapid pace of photonics innovation means it can be difficult for photonics companies and those applying the latest photonic…

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National Security and Infrastructure Investment review

Significant changes have been proposed to the government power to intervene and examine M&A and foreign direct investment in business with > £1 million turnover (reduced from £70m) irrespective of their share of the UK market.  These measures would apply to companies supplying dual use or military items listed on the strategic export list –…

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PLG website disruption

We have now completed transferring the PLG website to a new hosting provider. All previous posts and content has been transferred to the new host and we hope you enjoy the modified appearance. If you find content missing or malfunctioning please contact us.

MBDA publish 2017 technology challenges for photonics and RF

In collaboration with the Knowledge Transfer Network, MDBA have published 17 key challenges to which they are seeking innovative solutions- many of which require novel photonics or hybrid photonics and radio frequency solutions.  Outline responses are requested by 6 October 2017.

Financing company growth

As a high growth industry, continually targeting new markets, there are few photonics companies that have not had to raise capital .  As UK photonics companies have grown most have faced tough decisions between sustaining growth, raising equity finance and/or partnering with a strategic industry investor through trade sale. UK government is reviewing the availability…

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