UK export control updates impacting photonics

On 12 March 2024 the UK Export Control Unit announced amendments to the export controls and association regulation coming into force from 1 April 2024

The amendments expand export control requirements around:-

  • Key quantum computing technologies
  • Semiconductors including some photonics semiconductor materials
  • Semiconductor equipment and
  • Laser based 3d printing among other areas.announced semiconductor
    • among other amendments

Companies and researchers are recommended to consult the changes in detail to understand how they may impact their operations and to put in place the relevant export licences when required.

The Export Control Joint Unit have confirmed that the changes could mean that exports of goods and/or services not previously requiring a licence may now need one in place. To support business the Unit aims to respond to requests for standard individual export licences (SIELs) in <20 days.

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