New independent Institute to steer UK semiconductor innovation and support semiconductor strategy

UK government has announced new independent UK Semiconductor Institute will be setup to bring together Government, universities and the private sector to support key components of the Government’s Semiconductor Strategy to grow the sector, which is backed by £1bn. Building on the key recommendations of the semiconductor infrastructure project led by the Institute for Manufacturing and partners including the PLG, the new institute will be :

  • A new independent institute will be tasked with building on Government’s £1 billion strategy to grow the semiconductor sector.
  • With independence from Government, the Institute will promote the voice of industry.
  • New body will be a single point of contact to promote the sector to investors and attract foreign investment in British research expertise.

Announced one year on from the launch of the National Semiconductor Strategy, the Institute will set its key focus areas in line with those identified by the Strategy, which identified British strengths in compound chips, design and research and development

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