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Showcasing Physical Sciences Impact

EPSRC is hosting an event on 6 December 2019, sponsored by the Institute of Physics and the Royal Society of Chemistry, to celebrate the significant and wide-ranging impacts that arise from the breadth of physical sciences research: from the fundamental to the applied. Expressions of interest by 20 September are invited from those who would…

Electech Sector a roadmap for the UK

Electech sector: a roadmap for the UK

Detailing the technologies encompassed in Electech from electronics to photonics the Electech sector: a roadmap for the UK report reviews the technology of Electech and lays out a roadmap for the sector including: trends and drivers, application areas, system level capabilities, technologies and enablers. The report published by Innovate UK, with contributions from all Electech…

UK Photonics output increases to £13.5 billion –

UK photonics output reaches £13.5 billion according to the latest update from the PLG. The industry now contributes £5.3 billion of gross added value to the UK economy annually and employs 69,000 people in the UK at a productivity of £76,400 per employee, significantly above the UK average of £67,000 per manufacturing employee

UK Photonics Industry - key statistics
UK Photonics Industry – key statistics

The UK photonics industry is now equivalent in size to the UK pharmaceutical, fintech or space industries in the UK.  The continued growth of UK photonics reflects the critical role that light plays in current and next-generation products and manufacturing.

Secretary of State for International Trade, Dr Liam Fox MP launches High Priority Opportunity in Photonics and Microelectronics

In the keynote talk at London tech week, Secretary of State for International Trade, Dr Liam Fox, MP announced that Photonics and Microelectronics would be added to the Department of International Trade (DIT) High Priority Investment Opportunity (HPO) programme to support further investment in the UK. With special focus on the South Eest region the…

OBE for PLG chair Chris Dorman

Dr Chris Dorman, PLG chair and Vice president Coherent Scotland was recognised in the Queens Birthday Honours list with an OBE for services to Laser and Photonic Technology and to Exports. Congratulations to Chris for many years of dedication to growing Coherent’s manufacturing in the UK and raising the profile of UK photonics as a…