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UK Photonics Landscape 2023 update

The 2023 update of the UK Photonics Landscape is now available on the PLG’s YouTube channel. As presented to the Princess Royal during her visit to SPIE’s Photonex in October 2023. Further details are available in PLG’s UK Photonics 2023: the Hidden Economy report.

UK photonics output £15.2bn per year

UK photonics has grown into a £15.2 billion industry, with like-for-like revenue growth from 2020 to 2022 of over 7%.  Profit growth has been even higher at 9% over two years, whilst employment in the industry has grown at 3.2% in the same period. 79,100 people are now employed in photonics in the UK.  Strong…

UK Semiconductor Strategy Launched: key infrastructure needs survey open

The Photonics Leadership Group welcomes the publication of the Government’s National semiconductor strategy. UK strength in photonics and compound semiconductors and the importance of integrated photonics are all emphasised in the strategy. The strategy secures initial funding for the UK Semiconductor Infrastructure Initiative. Inputs are currently sort into a major user group survey to gather…


Spring Budget 2023- Photonics impact

The key elements in the UK Spring Budget 2023 announced 15 March impacting photonics include:- The PLG welcomes the launch of the UK’s Quantum strategy and long term investment for this emerging technology area, so much of which is enabled through photonics.

Future Photonics Leaders committee elected

The election for the first committee of the Future Photonics Leaders (working abbreviation PLNX) group took place on 19th December 2022; the PLG is pleased to announce the elected candidates for each role. To reflect the larger anticipated workload for the Funding Officer role, multiple Funding Officers were appointed. The PLNX and the PLG would…

Innovate UK Net Zero Review 2022

The PLG welcomes Innovate UK’s publication of its Net zero review 2022: our clean future economy Photonics has a key role in delivering net zero, uniquely impacting all three key axis of energy generation, energy consumption and materials use / waste. The PLG have been driving consideration of all the areas photonics impacts Net Zero…