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Future Photonics Leaders committee elected

The election for the first committee of the Future Photonics Leaders (working abbreviation PLNX) group took place on 19th December 2022; the PLG is pleased to announce the elected candidates for each role. To reflect the larger anticipated workload for the Funding Officer role, multiple Funding Officers were appointed. The PLNX and the PLG would…

Innovate UK Net Zero Review 2022

The PLG welcomes Innovate UK’s publication of its Net zero review 2022: our clean future economy Photonics has a key role in delivering net zero, uniquely impacting all three key axis of energy generation, energy consumption and materials use / waste. The PLG have been driving consideration of all the areas photonics impacts Net Zero…


Autumn Statement impact on UK Photonics

The PLG welcomes the 2022 Autumn statement from Chancellor of the Exchequer, the Rt Hon Jeremy Hunt, MP. The statement contains a number of announcements with potential impact on UK photonics including: A full summary of the Autumn statement is available to regular PLG participants, please contact us about getting involved.

Photonics: the generation, manipulation, transmission and detection of light

What is Photonics?

As photonics is used in an increasing array of products and processes across a hugely range of applications and vertical markets from healthcare to manufacturing we are often asked ‘What is Photonics?’. The PLG is pleased to make available a working definition and detailed taxonomy for photonics. We hope this will be particularly useful for…


Photonics Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda Workshops

The Photonics21 working groups are all hosting workshops in the next month to continue the process of updating the Photonics Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda (SRIA). The workshops will pick-up from the discussions at the Photonics21 annual meeting earlier in the year. With experts inputting from across Europe, updating the SRIA is the first significant…

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Future Photonic Leaders

Early career photonic professionals and researchers are invited to a virtual sandpit meeting on 9th September to discuss the formation of new Early Career/ Future Photonics Leadership group focused on fostering, supporting and capturing the opinions of those early in their photonics careers that will lead the industry in the future.