Future Photonics Leaders Group: register for Monday’s committee election

The PLG are standing up a new Future Photonics Leaders group. The election for the five voluntary committee roles will be on Monday 19th of December at 2pm during a live meeting. Anyone who considers themselves part of the future photonics leaders community and wider photonics community is welcome to join the meeting and cast their vote for those to represent them and organise future events with the Future leaders community

To take part in the vote and hear from the candidates please register for the election webinar. Voting will be by online vote opening and closing during the meeting, with results announced at the close fo the meeting. Candidates supporting statements are available until the close of the election

Committee roles up for election:

  • Co-chairs from industry
  • Co-Chair from academia
    • Each to interface with the wider Photonics Leadership group and external organisations, as well as voicing the viewpoints of the Future Photonics Leaders group.
  • One Secretariat (communications) who will write blog posts, emails and manage the social media for the Future Photonics Leaders group.
  • One Secretariat (Events and Meetings) who will organise meetings, setting agendas and inviting speakers.
  • One Funding Officer who will seek new funding sources, and pitch the case to funders to support the current and future activities of the Photonics Leadership Group.

These roles are all voluntary and come with support from the wider Photonics Leadership Group. More information on the future Leaders Group and the committee roles is available in the future leaders pages of this blog.

Good luck to all candidates and a great many thanks for putting yourself forward for the pioneering new group.

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