Future Photonics Leaders committee elected

The election for the first committee of the Future Photonics Leaders (working abbreviation PLNX) group took place on 19th December 2022; the PLG is pleased to announce the elected candidates for each role.

  • Co-chair (Industry): Kayleigh Thomson, Gooch & Housego
  • Co-chair (Academia): Rand Ismaeel, University of Southampton
  • Secretariat (Communications): Callum Stirling, University of Southampton
  • Secretariat (Events and Meetings): Jake Biele, Light Trace Photonics
  • Funding Officers:
    • Cameron McEleney, University of Glasgow/Queen’s University Belfast
    • David Coathup, Wrexham Glyndwr University
    • Zeki Shaw, University of Glasgow/PIAS CDT
Photo of Kayleigh Thomson - Co-chair (Industry)
Kayleigh Thomson – Co-chair (Industry)
Photo of David Coathup - Funding Officer
David Coathup – Funding Officer
Rand Ismaeel – Co-chair (Academia)
Photo of Cameron McEleny - Funding Officer
Cameron McEleny – Funding Officer
Photo of Callum Stirling - Secretariat (Communications)
Callum Stirling – Secretariat (Communications)
Photo of Zeki Shaw - Funding Officer
Zeki Shaw – Funding Officer
Photo of Jake Biele - Secretariat (Events and Meetings)
Jake Biele – Secretariat (Events and Meetings)

To reflect the larger anticipated workload for the Funding Officer role, multiple Funding Officers were appointed. The PLNX and the PLG would like to thank all candidates for their efforts in the election process, as well as everyone who attended and voted in the election meeting. Additional thanks to Yann Amouroux and Optica for facilitating the election and continued support of the PLNX.

The PLNX is a new sub-committee of the PLG, for the early-career UK photonics community. The scope and remit of the group, including the initial committee roles, were decided with community input following a remote sandpit meeting on 9th September 2022.

For more information and upcoming news on the PLNX, join the Future Photonic Leaders contact list.

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