Claiming and editing directory listing

All organisations are welcome to update and upgrade their entry in the UK Photonics Directory. Income from those purchasing enhanced entries on this directory is one of the principle source of income for the PLG alongside sponsorship. We encourage as many companies are as able to upgrade their listing helping customers find you and support the PLG. Enhanced listings convey a strong message to policy makers on the vibrancy of the UK photonics industry.

Claiming a directory entry

Just click on the ‘Claim Listing’ button alongside your entry. If you do not find your organisation listed check the ‘Add listing button’

If you do not see a ‘Claim Listing’ button against the entry and you wish to update it, this indicates someone else in your organisation already has editorial control of the entry. Please contact the PLG if you are unable to ascertain who has previously claimed the listing.

Registering an account

When claiming, adding or editing a listing you will be prompted to login to the PLG directory.  If you have not done so previously, please register for a PLG directory account by selecting the login option and completing the register box.

  • Please use a logical non-confidential username as these will are visible to site administrators.
  • Please use an email address with the same domain as the listing you are claiming as this simplifies the verification process.

A message may be sent to confirm your email address please click the confirmation link (do check spam folders if not received immediately). If you are returning and have misplaced your login credentials please follow the ‘lost password link’. 

Select a listing level

Once registered you will be asked to choose between free, basic and premium listing levels.

A full comparison of the listing levels is available or consult the directory. The free level includes only the most basic organisation information, basic and premium listings have a range of additional features including, listing prioritisation, a full contact form directing enquires direct to your organisation and embedded videos.

Listings are valid for 1 year from time of payment. Towards the end of the year a renewal notice to claim a listing for the following year.

Listing levels and claiming entries for PLG sponsors

If you are a sponsor of the PLG you are entitled to a basic or premium listing as part of you sponsorship. When claiming a listing PLG sponsors should choose “basic for PLG sponsors” or “premium for PLG sponsors” depending on the sponsorship level.   The status of sponsorship for the current PLG year will be verified.


It is important to the PLG that directory entries are controlled by the listed organisation. All requests to claim a listing are therefore subject to review before proceeding. Please complete the information requested after selecting your listing level to support your request.

Approvals are easiest if the domain of your email address used to register matches that of the website of the organisation.  If this is not the case, for example you are completing an entry on behalf of a client, please provide further information and a contact at the company who can verify you are claiming the listing on their behalf.

The ‘Add to Cart’ button will send the request to take control of the listing and take you to check-out.

Once payment has been verified as received and the request to claim a listing verified you will receive an email inviting you to edit your listing. Approvals are manually screen and normally take < 1 working day. If you have not received confirmation, please check your directory dashboard in case the email has been caught in a spam filter, before contacting us.


Listings may be paid for by credit/debit card or direct bank transfer.  Please use card payment if possible as this will expedite the listing process and verification that payment has been received.

Card payments are securely processed through a WooCommerce secure payment portal backed by the STRIPE payment processing process.  The PLG does not have access to, or hold, payment card details.

The payment address details should correspond to the payment card billing and invoice address. Payment details do not need to corresponding the directory listing and are not linked to the directory listing.

You will receive an email receipt and pdf invoice to the email address that was given on check-out.

Editing and updating a listing

Once the PLG has received payment and approved the entry claim you will be able to enter and edit details for your directory listing. Return to the directory and the entry you claimed. You can use search feature to locate. Or locate your claimed entry in your directory dashboard.

Check the ‘gear’ icon in the right of the summary or detailed entry to enter the front end data entry page and select the ‘edit’ option. The following fields are available (those restricted to premium listing are shown in blue)

  • Organisation name- pre-populated, correction possible
  • Markets – from the election please indicate the principle market targeted by your organisation.
    • up to 3 choices are possible for basic listing 10* for premium
  • Tiers – please indicate the level in the supply chain you principally operate in
    • Up to 2 choice for basic listing 5* for premium
  • Location- enter the location addresses you would like to appear in the directory, you may also select on the Map or enter geolocation manually.
    • Use the add more button to add additional locations* (premium only)
  • Email address*- indicates the address entries from the contact form on your detailed listing will be sent to. 
    • Copies are also sent to the address of the registered listing owner and the person submitting the query.
  • Date organisation founded
    • Optional, requested to show the history of the UK industry.
  • Website
    • URL that will be listed in your entry and viewers of your listing will be directed to.
  • LinkedIn and Twitter social media accounts*
    • Icons in your listing will direct readers to these accounts.
  • Listing description
    • The text that will appear in your detailed listing.  Hyperlinks from the text are permitted, e.g. to different product of research groups. Text is limited to a maximum of 500 words.
  • Logos and images
    • The first image you upload should be your company logo and will appear alongside you listing in summary/ search views, on the map icon and your detailed view. 
      • 240×180 pixel image or 4:3 aspect ratios work best in gif, jpeg, jpg or png format.
      • Higher resolution images are resized on the summary listing which can effect apparent quality.
      • Other aspect ratios will not show as well in the on map pin icon.
      • Borderless logos are ok – a margin is automatically added
      • Thumbnails of the image will be shown once uploaded.
    • Additional images* will appear in you detailed listing, up to 4 more are available for premium listings.
  • Contact Form*
    • If you enter an email address above, a Contact form will automatically be included in your detailed listing enabling readers to send messages directly to you. The contact form is reCAPTCHA v3 protected. Messages are sent to the email address entered above and copied to the address used when registering for the directory account and the author of the message. The PLG does not receive copies, or have access to the message.
  • Videos (premium feature)*
    • YouTube or Vimeo videos may be attached to your listing and will have prominent positions in your detailed listing. Enter the Youtube video ID or URL.

*features only available to premium listingsi

On ‘saving’ changes you will be directed to your updated listing in the directory. If you would like to edit repeat this step, ensuring to login with the same credentials you used to register for the directory.

You may view the status of your listing and upgrade it from the dashboard. If you control multiple listings you can see the status and choice which to edit in the same location.

Upgrading entry

You can choose to upgrade your listing at any time.  You will receive a prorated discount based on the length of time you have had the lower level listing.

To upgrade proceed to the dashboard and login with your registered directory credentials. Select the gear icon and upgrade option next to the listing you would like to upgrade.  Please select from the pop-up window one upgrade options available. Check-out and payment as before

Once payment has processed return to the dashboard and select gear icon and edit option to add the additional data possible at premium level.


Listings are valid for 1 year only and will not be automatically renewed. At the end of the year renewal notices will be sent out and there will be a grace period of 30 days for companies to renew their listing for the following year.

If companies do not renew their listing, they will be downgraded to the free listing level after the 30 day grace period.


The PLG is not currently registered for VAT and thus prices are not currently subject to VAT. If the PLG VAT status changes this will be reflected on all new invoices.


For more information please see refunds and returns.

Removing a directory entry

The UK Photonics directory has been compiled by the PLG to list all the organisations manufacturing photonics based products, providing services directly based on, or specifically for the photonics industry and undertaking research and training in photonics.

We define photonics as the processing detection transmission and generation of light by any means for any application.

If you feel your organisation does not undertake any photonics related activity and has no internal expertise in light based technologies and would like to be removed from the directory, even as a free listing, please contact us, with the name of your organisation as it appears in the listing.