UK Photonics Landscape – 2023

When last analysed in 2021 the UK photonics industry contributed £14.5biillion to the UK economy. The PLG are now updating this analysis and compiling an updated overview of the photonics in the UK.

Your input into this process is essential to make it as representative and accurate as possible. To this end please complete the UK Photonics Industry Survey 2023.

This short, 20 question, survey is vital to get a picture of the markets, applications, exports, growth and investment made by industry and research. Due to the urgency with which this update has been requested, we ask you complete the survey by the 23 of March at the very latest. Responses are welcome from anyone working with photonics in industry and academia at any level in the UK.

Full results including the size and growth of UK photonics over the last 2 years, forecasts for the next 2 years, enablers and barriers to growth and impact on key societal challenges will be published over the next 3 months.

The PLG analysis will make use of the comprehensive directory of all companies engaged in photonics in the UK. Please do check the directory to make sure you are listed – additions are very welcome. We will be using the markets and tiers of operation identified in the directory to build on overview of the structure of the industry. Feel free to claim your listing to update these tags.

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