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Fully Comprehensive UK Photonics Directory Launched

The first fully comprehensive directory of all companies and research organisations active in photonics and quantum within the UK is now available online from the Photonics Leadership Group (PLG).

UK Photonics Directory

Searchable by location, region, target market and tier of operation the UK Photonics directory from the PLG is a unique resource for those looking to understand the depth and breadth of the industry in the UK. Drawing on the Photonics Leadership Group’s quantification of the £14.5 billion industry over the last decade we are able to provide the first fully comprehensive picture of the ~1,200 organisations active in photonics in the UK.

Organisations are invited to claim their listing in the directory to update content and provide additional information for visitors. Two listing packages enable organisations to add logos, custom descriptions, embed videos, additional addresses, social media links, update addressed markets and include a direct contact form.  Any organisation missing is welcome to add itself to the directory.

Future Horizons for Photonics Research 2030 and beyond report released

A ground breaking horizon scanning report on the future of photonics research 2030 and beyond has been released by the Photonics Leadership Group and the All-Party Parliamentary Group in Photonics and Quantum.  The PLG brought together 26 of the UK’s leading photonics researchers from 20 different institutions to ask “what will be the focus of photonics research a decade and more from now?

UK Photonics output increases to £13.5 billion –

UK photonics output reaches £13.5 billion according to the latest update from the PLG. The industry now contributes £5.3 billion of gross added value to the UK economy annually and employs 69,000 people in the UK at a productivity of £76,400 per employee, significantly above the UK average of £67,000 per manufacturing employee

UK Photonics Industry - key statistics
UK Photonics Industry – key statistics

The UK photonics industry is now equivalent in size to the UK pharmaceutical, fintech or space industries in the UK.  The continued growth of UK photonics reflects the critical role that light plays in current and next-generation products and manufacturing.

Photonics Leadership Group adds Vice Chair-person and Treasurer

At the latest Photonics Leadership Group meeting at Photonex, Coventry on 10 October, the 30 senior representatives of the UK photonics industry present voted to create the positions of Vice-Chair person and Treasurer to the group. These additional voluntary positions representing the UK photonics industry, are being created in response to the significant increase in…

UK photonics worth £12.9 billion to UK economy

UK photonics industry output now exceeds £12.9 billion, is growing at twice the national average.

This updated analysis of the UK photonics industry shows a rise of £2.4 bn since the last report in 2013, recording an average growth rate of  >5.3%, which finds UK photonics to be growing at twice the speed of the rest of the UK economy.

The UK Photonics: the Hidden Economy report, published in May 2018, details  how such an enabling sector can be analysed and compares UK photonics to other key UK manufacturing sectors, the fit of photonics to the UK industry strategy and its position relative to the European and global photonics industries.