Photonics Leadership Group adds Vice Chair-person and Treasurer

At the latest Photonics Leadership Group meeting at Photonex, Coventry on 10 October, the 30 senior representatives of the UK photonics industry present voted to create the positions of Vice-Chair person and Treasurer to the group. These additional voluntary positions representing the UK photonics industry, are being created in response to the significant increase in requests to the group for comment and input from government, agencies and vertical markets, to ensure full succession planning in the PLG, and maintain full oversight now the group is asking for financial contributions to sustain its activity level.

As with the PLG chair-person, nominations for Vice-Chair are sort from senior representatives of UK photonics manufacturing or photonics integrating companies.

The meeting voted to reappoint Dr John Lincoln as Chief Executive of the PLG.

Nominations for these new posts, and post of chairperson, will open in advance of the next PLG meeting scheduled for February 2019 and voted on at that meeting. Those interested in putting themselves forward or nominating someone with their consent please contact us.


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