MBDA publish 2017 technology challenges for photonics and RF

In collaboration with the Knowledge Transfer Network, MDBA have published 17 key challenges to which they are seeking innovative solutions- many of which require novel photonics or hybrid photonics and radio frequency solutions.  Outline responses are requested by 6 October 2017.

Financing company growth

As a high growth industry, continually targeting new markets, there are few photonics companies that have not had to raise capital .  As UK photonics companies have grown most have faced tough decisions between sustaining growth, raising equity finance and/or partnering with a strategic industry investor through trade sale. UK government is reviewing the availability…

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UK Photonics in H2020

As the UK policy paper on Collaboration on science and innovation: a future partnership is published we have taken a quick look at the participation of UK photonics industry in Horizon2020. 34% of all ~14,000 H2020 projects over all topics and subjects have at least 1 UK partner 8.5% of all H2020 projects with a…

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Photonics Grand Challenges

Photonics continues to develop rapidly,  driven by diversification into new applications and rapid expansion of existing applications.  This presents the industry, in the UK,  with a number of challenges.  The PLG are currently capturing and summarising these challenges and what actions may have a transformative impact on them and the industry. The current draft of…

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UK photonics worth £12.9 billion to UK economy

UK photonics industry output now exceeds £12.9 billion, is growing at twice the national average. This updated analysis of the UK photonics industry shows a rise of £2.4 bn since the last report in 2013, recording an average growth rate of  >5.3%, which finds UK photonics to be growing at twice the speed of the…

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PLG response to the UK Industry Strategy Green Paper

The Photonics Leadership Group has submitted a full response to the UK industry strategy green paper consultation based on broad ranging industry input and our analysis of the green paper. The PLG looks forward to working with government to develop a detailed sector strategy for Photonics following the election on 8 June 2017

Next PLG meeting 4 May London

The next PLG meeting will be on 4 May in London, 2-5pm.  The main topic of discusion will be creating a Sector Deal for Photonics.  If you are intersting in attending and not currently a contributor to the PLG  please contact us

View Westminster Hall debate regarding Photonics

The Westminster Hall debate regarding Photonics can be viewed in full online (timing from 11:00am on with respond from Jo Johnston, MP Minister for Universities Science and Research and Innovation from 11:16.