Financing company growth

As a high growth industry, continually targeting new markets, there are few photonics companies that have not had to raise capital .  As UK photonics companies have grown most have faced tough decisions between sustaining growth, raising equity finance and/or partnering with a strategic industry investor through trade sale.

UK government is reviewing the availability of ‘patient capital’ including reasons why many UK firms sell earlier and have fewer rounds of investment than elsewhere in world.  Input is sort on potential policy options, including the effectiveness of existing interventions and what additional support may be effective.

Given the need to access capital to grow and the photonics industry’s considerable experience with all the various options we encourage direct company input to the review by 22 September.  Responding online is possible, although the consultation asks more extensive questions on future options and their relevance which many will prefer to respond to and submit via email (e.g. what scale of investment should the government seek to unlock and over what time frame).

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