UK Photonics in H2020

As the UK policy paper on Collaboration on science and innovation: a future partnership is published we have taken a quick look at the participation of UK photonics industry in Horizon2020.

  • 34% of all ~14,000 H2020 projects over all topics and subjects have at least 1 UK partner
  • 8.5% of all H2020 projects with a total value of €1.9bn include some photonics*
    • An illustration of the enabling and underpinning role photonics innovation has across all applications.
  • 30% of the H2020 projects including photonics have at least one UK partner -more than any other EU country and much greater than the ~20% UK photonics market share in Europe
    • Illustrating the importance of continuing to have access to those collaborations for all parties.
  •  Over €800m worth of projects involving photonics and at least one UK partner have been supported by H2020 in the last 3 years with an EU contribution of €727m.
    • Quantifying the value of H2020 to advancing photonics enabled innovation and adoption in the UK.

*based on the inclusion of photonics, optics, lasers or their derivatives in H2020 project descriptions as available from CORDIS

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