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Opportunites in UK Datacentre Equipment

The Big UK Data Centre Equipment opportunity cover

The Big UK Data Equipment Opportunity report highlights UK capabilities and key players within this important growth area, with a focus specifically on the financial sector.

The past decade has seen a move from the physical trading floor to the anonymous data centre, populated with generic imported equipment. The next decade will see these systems optimised for the unique requirements of individual data centres. This presents a major opportunity for the UK to supply latency and security-optimised hardware to the local financial services industries and the many sectors handling sensitive data in the UK, from smart metering to healthcare and security.

Photonics enabling Advanced Engineering

Advanced Engineering  is one of the biggest trade shows in the UK, with 700+ exhibiting companies and 13,000 attendees bringing together engineering decision-makers from OEM’s and top tier manufacturers across many sectors. The show features many manufacturers with a focus this year on Aerospace, Automotive, Performance Metals and Composites.

The KTN and are running a session on Photonics in Applied Engineering at the show to highlight how Photonics impacts many aspects of advanced engineering and offering brokerage opportunities, for more details and registration for 3rd Nov 2016

UK Photonics

Update to UK Photonics Industry figures

We will shortly begin the process of updating the figures for UK photonics output and employment, in collaboration with the KTN and the Future Photonics Hub. Future figures will be based on the list of companies making up the UK photonics map. Please check your organisation is on the map with the correct address, any…

UK Photonics exports more of its output than any other UK manufacturing sector

New analysis from the PLG of UK photonics exports relative to other UK manufacturing sectors shows:- UK Photonics exports 75-95% output relative to UK manufacturing average of only 34% UK Photonics exports more of its output than any other UK manufacturing sector UK Photonics exports are the 4th largest by value of any UK manufacturing…

Map of photonics in the UK

This interactive map shows the distribution of over 1500 photonics organisations found throughout the UK. Developed with the support of the Knowledge Transfer Network and SPIE following the map enables you to explore the photonics companies in your area. If you would like to be added to the map please contact the PLG or…

Lifi- visible light communications info day

The EPSRC-funded ‘Ultra-parallel visible light communications (UP-VLC)’ programme grant – a partnership between the Universities of Strathclyde, Edinburgh, St Andrews, Oxford and Cambridge studying high-bandwidth Datacom via solid-state lighting – is holding an open day on 4th May 2016 at the Royal Academy of Engineering in London. The event features talks from the project partners,…