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Recent events and the rapid development of industry and innovation policy have highlighted the need to have a method of quickly communicating with the whole of the UK photonics community. 

Although we know a wide number of people in the community personally, GDPR compliance means we cannot email you with significant industry updates and give you the opportunity to input into key consultations without your specific permission. Many of the prior lists held by other organisations have also become out-of-date or similarly inaccessible.

We are therefore constructing a new UK wide photonics contact list to facilitate communication with the photonics community. All are welcome to join, including industrialists and academics with an interest in photonics.

To avoid filling in-boxes we will send a maximum of 12 emails per year confined to key updates and requests for input into essential consultations.  The list will be managed by the PLG for the benefit of the whole UK photonics community, with no commercial use or access.

The first communication to the new list will include:-

  • The release of the Future Photonics Horizons report a timely interface to the new UK RandD roadmap which calls for “horizon-scanning to identify early and prepare to exploit our emerging strengths effectively
  • Access to an updated Covid impact questionnaire. The pervious Covid survey showed the resilience of the photoncis indsutry and was welcomed by many agencies as an early temperature check of the impact on business. A 6 month update has been requested.

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