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Photonics, telecom, and network products since the 1990s

Our deep knowledge of the industry is what adds value to working with Laser 2000. We maintain very close relationships with our manufacturers, and systematically check to make sure that they meet our exacting standards. Although many of the manufacturers we deal with are based outside of the UK, we know them personally so that when their support is needed, we and your project are not just a number for them.

Since the 1990’s, Laser 2000 has been at the forefront of optics and photonics technologies.  Over that time we’ve been actively involved in many of the world-changing technologies since their start.

  • We’ve been instrumental in delivering the technology behind optical broadband since the first faltering steps of the roll-out of the internet in the 1990’s.
  • We have also been at the forefront of providing optical technology for super-resolution and fluorescence microscopy, the tools that have revolutionised our understanding of the human genome.
  • And we helped enabling the implementation of optics and photonics across a broad and rich variety of applications from fundamental research through to understanding and protecting the environment.

Throughout that period, we’ve provided steady, reliable, dependable support to our customers. At Laser 2000, we don’t just provide products, we provide solutions. In-depth knowledge of photonics across diverse applications and world-class products enable us to deliver a unique capability for problem-solving.

Whether you’re mapping the human genome, screening and curing disease, exploring the ocean floor, putting a probe on Mars, or building a communication system, we are here to help. Working with Laser 2000, you’ll access the expertise and the products that will help you succeed.

You can depend on us to work hard to define your needs and expectations, explain the options open to you and their performance and cost differences. We’ll help you meet your timescales and budgets. We pride ourselves on our commitment to quality and service, our recertification to the ISO 9001:2015 quality standard reflects our dedication to ensuring the success and satisfaction of our customers.

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