UK Photonics Companies

The Photonics Leadership Group maintains a list of all UK photonics companies as a basis the sizing of the UK Photonics industry. Please review the list below and contact us with any omissions including company name, registered company number and operating / manufacturing location using the form below. Note updates are processed in batches and there may be a delay in submissions appearing

Heatmap of UK Photonics locations

Note this list includes companies directly involved in photonics and the immediate supply chain. Not all of these will be considered as having a direct photonics contribution and in many cases only a fraction of their output will be counted toward the UK photonics industry. There are also examples of suppliers to, and users of, photonics that are retained from completeness, but are not considered as a direct part of the industry.

Futher information about who the Photonics Leadership Group is, our aims and objectives, activities and achievements are available on these links

2ExcelGeoEast Midlands
3d LasertecEast Midlands
3d Scanners (Uk)West Midlands
4c DesignScotland
4d OpticsGreater London
5750 ComponentsNorth West
A P TechnologiesSouth West
A V OpticsSouth West
Aardvark Display LightingYorkshire and The Humber
AB ConnectorsWales
Abacus LightingEast Midlands
Able Instruments and ControlsSouth East
Abstract AvrEast Midlands
Acal Bfi UkSouth East
Access PacificEast Midlands
AccurICWest Midlands
ACSYS Lasertechnik UKWest Midlands
Actemium UKEast Midlands
Active SiliconSouth East
AD AerospaceNorth West
Adept OpticalScotland
Adtec EuropeGreater London
Adv LightingYorkshire and The Humber
Advanced ElectronicsNorth East
Advanced Fibre Optic EngineeringSouth East
Advanced Laser TechnologyNorth West
Advanced Led'sWest Midlands
Advanced NdtWest Midlands
Advanced Photonics Technologies UKSouth East
Aeronautical & General InstrumentsSouth West
AFL TelecommunicationsSouth West
Agile DiffractionEast of England
Agilent Technologies UKNorth West
AirbusSouth East
AirbusSouth West
Aj Thin Films ConsultancySouth West
Alba PhotonicsScotland
Alere Toxicology PlcEast of England
Alere Toxicology PlcSouth East
Alere Toxicology PlcWest Midlands
Alexander Binzel (UK)North West
Alker Optical EquipmentSouth East
Alpha 3 ManufacturingNorth West
Alpha 3 ManufacturingSouth West
Alpha 3 ManufacturingYorkshire and The Humber
Alrad InstrumentsSouth East
Amada United KingdomWest Midlands
Amber OptixNorth West
AmecalNorth East
Amethyst ResearchScotland
Amg SystemsEast of England
Amr (Burnley)North West
Ams Sensors UkEast of England
Ams TechnologiesEast Midlands
Anchored InGreater London
Andor TechnologyNorthern Ireland
Anglia InstrumentsEast of England
Anode MarketingWest Midlands
Ansys UkSouth East
Ansys UkYorkshire and The Humber
Api Technologies (UK)East of England
Apogee Flow SystemsEast of England
Apollo LightingYorkshire and The Humber
Applelec LlpYorkshire and The Humber
Applied Laser EngineeringSouth East
Applied Materials TechnologyEast Midlands
Applied PhotonicsYorkshire and The Humber
Applied PhotophysicsSouth East
Aquila InstrumentsEast of England
Aralia SystemsSouth East
Arden PhotonicsWest Midlands
ArgansSouth West
Ark Fibre OpticsEast of England
ArmEast of England
Armstrong OpticalEast Midlands
ArQitGreater London
Arris InternationalYorkshire and The Humber
Artemis OpticalSouth West
ArteriusYorkshire and The Humber
ArupGreater London
Asd Lighting PlcYorkshire and The Humber
Asten InstrumentsEast Midlands
Atik camerasEast of England
AtkinsSouth East
Atlas Elektronik UkSouth West
ATP InstrumentationEast Midlands
Attica ComponentsSouth West
AuroxSouth East
Avago Technologies UkSouth East
Avalon SciencesSouth West
AvireSouth East
Avon Polymer Products LimitedEast of England
AxenicNorth East
Axis-Shield DiagnosticsScotland
Bae Systems PlcSouth East
Bay PhotonicsSouth West
Baywa RE r.e. Operation ServicesSouth East
BB photonicsEast Midlands
BBGRNorth West
BBI SolutionsWales
Beck Optronic SolutionsEast of England
Belford ResearchScotland
Bentham InstrumentsSouth East
BiochromEast of England
Bio-Logic Science InstrumentsEast Midlands
BJR SystemsEast of England
Black Box Network Services (Uk)South East
Blackford AnalysisScotland
Blackman & WhiteEast of England
BLE Lighting and PowerEast Midlands
Blm Group UkEast of England
Bluebell IndustriesEast Midlands
Bluebell OpticomSouth East
Bluebox OpticsEast of England
Bombardier Transportation UkEast Midlands
BosonXSouth West
BraemacNorth West
Brandenburg (Uk)West Midlands
Brandon Medical CompanyYorkshire and The Humber
Brec SolutionsNorth West
Brinell VisionScotland
British Electric LampsYorkshire and The Humber
British OpticalWest Midlands
Broadcom International PteEast of England
Brolis Photonics SolutionsNorthern Ireland
Bss LedNorth West
Buhler SortexGreater London
Bystronic UkWest Midlands
C A ModelsScotland
C C S NeonYorkshire and The Humber
C N C RotaryEast Midlands
CA Bishop ConsultingEast Midlands
Cable Telecommunications Training ServicesEast Midlands
Cadcam TechnologyEast Midlands
Cairn ResearchSouth East
Calbarrie Compliance ServicesSouth West
Caledonian PhotonicsScotland
Calibre UkYorkshire and The Humber
Cambridge ConsultantsEast of England
Cambridge Display TechnologyEast of England
Cambridge Electronic IndustriesEast of England
Cambridge PixelEast of England
Cambridge Research SystemsSouth East
Camlin PhotonicsNorthern Ireland
Camlin PhotonicsScotland
CamopticsEast of England
Campbell ScientificEast Midlands
Campden BRISouth West
Cantor & NisselEast Midlands
Carl ZeissEast of England
Carl ZeissWest Midlands
Carlson SoftwareYorkshire and The Humber
Carlton Laser ServicesEast Midlands
Carr's Welding TechnologiesEast Midlands
CarvilleSouth East
CB TechnologiesScotland
Cct Lighting (Uk)East Midlands
CeagYorkshire and The Humber
CentronicGreater London
Ceres Holographics Ltd.Scotland
Charles Day (Steels)Yorkshire and The Humber
Charntec ElectronicsSouth East
Charnwood DynamicsEast Midlands
Chelsea Technologies GroupSouth East
Chemring CountermeasuresSouth West
Chess TechnologiesSouth East
Chess TechnologiesSouth West
ChromaticaWest Midlands
Cinch Connectivity SolutionsEast of England
Cirdan ImagingNorthern Ireland
Cirrus LaserSouth East
CITC Cambridge Innovation Technologies ConsultingEast of England
City FibreEast Midlands
City FibreEast of England
City FibreNorth East
City FibreNorth West
City FibreScotland
City FibreSouth East
City FibreSouth West
City FibreYorkshire and the Humber
ClaresysSouth East
Clearview AssociatesWales
Cm ScientificYorkshire and The Humber
Cobalt Light SystemsSouth East
Cobham PlcSouth West
Coercive GroupSouth East
Coherent (Uk)East of England
Coherent ScotlandScotland
Colour HolographicGreater London
Com Dev Europe LtdSouth East
Comar OpticsEast of England
Compass OpticsWales
Compound PhotonicsGreater London
Compound Semiconductor CentreWales
Computerised Information TechnologySouth East
ContamacEast of England
Conway Marsh Garrett TechnologiesEast of England
Cooke OpticsEast Midlands
CoolledSouth East
CoorstekEast Midlands
CoorstekNorth West
CortirioNorth East
Cotton Mouton DiagnosticsWales
CovesionSouth East
Cranfield PrecisionEast of England
Croft Additive ManufacturingNorth West
Crompton LampsYorkshire and The Humber
Crossbows OpticalNorthern Ireland
Crowcon Detection InstrumentsSouth East
Crown EyeglassNorth West
CrystranSouth West
CS PhotonicsWest Midlands
Cubica TechnologySouth East
Custom InterconnectSouth East
Cutting TechnologiesYorkshire and The Humber
CVIEast Midlands
Cyan TecEast Midlands
Cyient EuropeGreater London
Cyient EuropeSouth West
Cynergy3 ComponentsSouth West
D & R Electro OpticsWales
D J Newson OpticalEast of England
D.G. ControlsEast Midlands
DarayEast Midlands
DatalaseNorth West
DatapaqEast of England
Dd OpticalNorth West
Dd-ScientificSouth East
Densitron TechnologiesSouth East
DermaLaseGreater London
Design Led ProductsScotland
DexelaGreater London
Diamond Light SourceSouth East
Digital Barriers ServicesGreater London
Digital Barriers ServicesScotland
Digital Barriers ServicesSouth West
Digital Barriers ServicesYorkshire and The Humber
Digital Edge SubseaNorth West
Digital ProjectionNorth West
Display FutureScotland
Diverse Technologies and SystemsEast of England
D-MacWest Midlands
DmopticsSouth West
Domino Printing Sciences PlcEast of England
Donfabs & ConsilliaEast Midlands
DrucegroveEast of England
Du Pont (UK)East of England
Duplex Csa OpticEast of England
Durham Magneto OpticsEast of England
Dutton Engineering (Woodside)East of England
Earth-ISouth East
Eaton Electrical SystemsYorkshire and The Humber
Ecom Instruments UkNorth West
Ecopac (UK) PowerSouth East
Edinburgh InstrumentsScotland
Edmund OpticsYorkshire and The Humber
Edward Pryor & SonYorkshire and The Humber
Effect PhotonicsSouth West
Eis OpticsSouth East
Electro Scientific Industries EuropeEast of England
Elektron Eye TechnologyEast of England
Element SixSouth East
ElforlightEast Midlands
Elizabeth BerryScotland
Elliot ScientificEast of England
EluxiEast Midlands
EmberionEast of England
Emergi-Lite Safety SystemsYorkshire and The Humber
Emerson CascadeScotland
Engis (Uk)South East
EntroptixSouth West
Envin ScientificNorth West
EnvisicsSouth East
Eos Electro Optical SystemsWest Midlands
EpigemNorth East
Epsilon OpticsSouth East
ES TechnologyEast Midlands
Et EnterprisesGreater London
Eterna LightingEast Midlands
Europa ScienceEast of England
European Lamp GroupYorkshire and The Humber
Europtica InternationalSouth East
Excelsior Medical GroupEast of England
Exfo EuropeSouth East
Ex-ORNorth West
Ex-ORSouth East
ExtronicsNorth West
EyejustersSouth East
F & B ProfilesSouth West
Faraday ScientificYorkshire and The Humber
Feedback PlcEast of England
Fei UkEast of England
Feilo Sylvania UkGreater London
FerrographNorth East
FianiumSouth East
FibercoreSouth East
FiberLogixEast of England
Fibre Optic FxNorth West
Fibre TraceNorth West
Filament Product DesignScotland
FimarkSouth East
First Light FusionSouth East
First Light LampsEast of England
First Sensor TechnicsEast Midlands
Fisher Smith LlpEast Midlands
FlexEnableEast of England
Flexion Optical FibreYorkshire and The Humber
Flintstone TechnologyScotland
Flir SystemsSouth East
Fluorescent Lighting ServicesWest Midlands
FluoretiqSouth West
Fmb OxfordSouth East
Focus Optical LaboratoriesSouth East
Folium OpticsSouth West
Forge EuropaNorth West
Forth Dimension DisplaysScotland
Fotech SolutionsSouth East
Fraunhofer CAPScotland
F-ScanNorth East
Fujikura EuropeGreater London
Fullsun PhotovoltaicsYorkshire and The Humber
Furukawa Electric EuropeGreater London
G F LaserWest Midlands
Galaxy Optical ServicesNorth West
Gamma Illumination (Uk)Yorkshire and The Humber
Gas Measurement InstrumentsScotland
Gas Measurement InstrumentsSouth East
Gas Sensing SolutionsScotland
Gayton PhotonicsEast Midlands
GESouth East
Gem Scientific LtdYorkshire and The Humber
GencoaNorth West
General Dynamics United KingdomSouth East
General Dynamics United KingdomWales
Geola TechnologiesSouth East
GigaclearEast Midlands
GigaclearEast of England
GigaclearSouth East
GigaclearSouth West
Glass Technology ServicesYorkshire and The Humber
Glenair UkEast Midlands
Global LaserWales
Global OpticsSouth West
Glyndwr InnovationsWales
Gom UkWest Midlands
Gooch & Housego PlcScotland
Gooch & Housego PlcSouth West
Goodrich Actuation SystemsWest Midlands
Gowlland OpticalGreater London
Greene Tweed & CoEast Midlands
Grounded InnovationEast of England
Guidance AutomationEast Midlands
Guidance MarineEast Midlands
Guttridge Laser FabEast Midlands
Guyson International LtdYorkshire and The Humber
Gyrus Medical LtdWales
Hacel LightingNorth East
Halma PlcSouth East
Halo PhotonicsWest Midlands
Hamamatsu Photonics UkEast of England
Harkness Screens (Uk)East of England
HarlinSouth West
Harman TechnologyNorth West
Harting UkEast Midlands
Heidenhain(GB)LimitedSouth East
Helia PhotonicsScotland
HelvarSouth East
Heraeus Noblelight LtdEast of England
Heraeus Quartz UkNorth East
Herga TechnologyEast of England
Hexagon Metrology LtdWest Midlands
HhvSouth East
High Light Optics UkWest Midlands
High Profile TechnologiesYorkshire and The Humber
HighbladeNorth West
Hilger CrystalsSouth East
Hi-Rel LidsEast of England
Holders ComponentsScotland
Honeywell AnalyticsSouth West
Horiba Jobin Yvon IbhScotland
Horiba UkEast Midlands
Horizon Optical CompanyEast of England
Hoya Lens UKWales
HSM AeroEast of England
Huawei Technologies Reserach & Development (UK)East of England
Huber+suhner PolatisEast of England
Hucknall Sheet Metal EngineeringEast Midlands
Hutchinson AerotechNorthern Ireland
HV WoodingSouth East
HybecEast Midlands
Hybrid Manufacturing TechnologiesEast Midlands
Hydram EngineeringNorth East
HyperopticGreater London
I C Optical SystemsGreater London
i4 Product DesignScotland
Iconal TechnologyEast of England
ICR IntegrityScotland
ID QuantiqueSouth West
IdencaNorth West
IdentisysEast of England
II-VI Compound SemiconductorsNorth East
II-VI UKEast Midlands
II-VI UKSouth West
Illuma LightingEast Midlands
Indigo Consulting ServicesEast of England
Industrial Plastic FabricationsEast of England
InfinitesimaSouth East
Infrared Integrated SystemsEast Midlands
Ingenia Technology (UK)Greater London
Innolas (Uk)West Midlands
InscapeEast Midlands
Inseto (Uk)South East
Instro PrecisionSouth East
Instrument Design TechnologyNorth West
IntegrexEast Midlands
Intellemetrics GlobalScotland
Intrinsiq MaterialsSouth East
Invisible VisionEast of England
Ipg Photonics (Uk)South West
Iqe PlcWales
Ired infraredSouth East
Is-InstrumentsSouth East
Island OpticsIsle of Man
IsocomNorth East
Isomet (Uk)Wales
Iss Group ServicesNorth West
Ist (Uk)Yorkshire and The Humber
Istec IceEast of England
Itron (UK)East of England
Ixthus InstrumentationEast Midlands
J K Metrology & Quality ServicesSouth West
Jeol(UK)limitedEast of England
K L H Electronics PlcNorth West
KeelerSouth East
Keison InternationalEast of England
KeitSouth East
kelvin nanotechnologyScotland
Kent PeriscopesWales
Kentech InstrumentsSouth East
KETS Quantum SecuritySouth West
Key PhotonicsSouth East
Keyence (Uk)South East
Keysight Technologies UkSouth East
Keysight Technologies UkWest Midlands
Kik EngineeringScotland
Kingsview OpticalSouth East
Kla-TencorSouth East
Knight Design LightingEast Midlands
Knight Optical (Uk)South East
KodakGreater London
Konica Minolta Sensing Europe BVNorth West
Kosnic LightingSouth East
KPM Moisture MetersYorkshire and The Humber
Kratos AnalyticalNorth West
KromekNorth East
Kyocera FineceramicsSouth East
Lairdside Laser Engineering CentreNorth West
Lambda PhotometricsEast of England
LAN SynergyEast of England
Lancaster CommunicationsNorth West
Land Instruments InternationalEast Midlands
Lantek SystemsWest Midlands
LAP ElectricalWest Midlands
Lapmaster WoltersSouth West
Laser 2000 (Uk)East of England
Laser Cladding TechnologyEast Midlands
Laser Components (Uk)East of England
Laser Control SystemsEast of England
Laser Cutting - CeramicsYorkshire and The Humber
Laser ElectronicsEast Midlands
Laser ExpertiseEast Midlands
Laser LinesSouth East
Laser MicromachiningWales
Laser Optical EngineeringEast Midlands
Laser Physics UkNorth West
Laser ProcessWest Midlands
Laser QuantumNorth West
Laser ResaleSouth East
Laser SOSEast of England
Laser Support ServicesScotland
Laser Support ServicesSouth East
Laser Systems (Uk)East Midlands
Laser Systems (Uk)East of England
Laser TraderEast Midlands
LaseriteEast of England
LasermetSouth West
LasershapeEast Midlands
LasersureEast of England
Laytec UkNorth West
LBP OpticsEast of England
Leader OptecWales
Leader Systems LlpWest Midlands
Led SolutionsEast Midlands
Leica Microsystems CambridgeEast of England
Leicester OpticalEast Midlands
Lein Applied DiagnosticsSouth East
Leith Optical CompanyScotland
Lemo (UK)South East
LeonardoEast of England
LeonardoSouth East
LEW TechniquesSouth West
LeysopEast of England
Li-CorEast of England
Light Blue OpticsEast of England
Lightpath Optical (Uk)South West
Link MicrotekSouth East
Litron LasersWest Midlands
LleoEast Midlands
Lockheed Martin UKEast of England
LPA Excil ElectronicsYorkshire and The Humber
Luceco PlcWest Midlands
Lucid Optical ServicesNorth West
Lumacron TechnologyScotland
LumenisitySouth East
LumierNorth West
luminiferousSouth West
Lumley OpticalsNorth East
LumopticaSouth West
LuxinarYorkshire and The Humber
Lvd UKSouth East
Lynton LasersNorth West
Machine Guard SolutionsEast Midlands
Machine Vision TechnologyWest Midlands
Mackwell ElectronicsWest Midlands
Mag OpticsGreater London
MAGE SystemsScotland
Mahr UK PlcSouth East
Main Line Optical ConnectionsYorkshire and The Humber
Malvern InstrumentsWest Midlands
Malvern OpticalWest Midlands
Manchester OpticalNorth West
Manufacturing Service SolutionsWest Midlands
Manx Precision OpticsIsle of Man
Mapping SolutionsNorth West
Marl InternationalNorth West
Marlec Engineering CompanyEast Midlands
Martech (Uk)Yorkshire and The Humber
Maselli Instrument SystemsEast Midlands
MaterionSouth East
MBA Engineering SystemsYorkshire and The Humber
Mbda InternationalEast of England
McGeoch TechnologyWest Midlands
Mechtronic IndustriesYorkshire and The Humber
Media Cybernetics UkEast of England
Medway OpticsGreater London
Mega PhotonicNorth West
Melford ResolutionSouth West
Meta Vision SystemsSouth East
Metal Improvement CompanyNorth East
Metrology InternationalYorkshire and The Humber
Michell InstrumentsEast of England
Michelson DiagnosticsGreater London
Mico LightingYorkshire and The Humber
Micro EpsilonNorth West
Micro MaterialsWales
MicrokerfEast Midlands
MicrometricEast Midlands
MicronanicsSouth East
Microsoft ResearchEast of England
MicrovitecYorkshire and The Humber
Midaz LasersGreater London
Middleton Sheet Metal CoLimitedNorth West
Midland MetrologyWest Midlands
Midtherm LaserWest Midlands
Mindsmeet Electro-OpticsEast of England
Mi-Net TechnologyEast Midlands
Minimise EnergySouth East
Mirada MedicalSouth East
MKS Instruments UKNorth West
Moflash signallingWest Midlands
Moog InsensysSouth East
Moores GlassworkSouth East
Morgan Advanced Materials PlcEast Midlands
Morgan Advanced Materials PlcWest Midlands
M-SolvSouth East
M-Squared LasersScotland
MultitronGreater London
Nanoco TechnologiesNorth West
Ndc TechnologiesEast of England
NeomedEast of England
Neonlite InternationalSouth East
Networks CentreSouth East
Newcastle Optical EngineeringNorth East
Newfield Fabrications CompanyNorth West
Newport Spectra-Physics Ltd.South East
Nikon Optical U.K.South East
Nkt (UK)Yorkshire and The Humber
Northumbria Optical CoatingsNorth East
Norville OpticalNorth East
Norville OpticalNorth West
Norville OpticalScotland
Norville OpticalSouth West
Norville OpticalYorkshire and The Humber
Novanta Technologies UkSouth West
Ocean OpticsSouth East
Oclaro TechnologyEast Midlands
Olmec - UkYorkshire and The Humber
Olympus KeymedEast of England
One OpticalScotland
OpenreachSouth East
Opsec SecurityNorth East
OptalysysYorkshire and The Humber
OptasenseSouth East
Optek SystemsSouth East
Optic NetworksYorkshire and The Humber
Optical ActivityEast of England
Optical Antenna SolutionsWest Midlands
Optical Coating TechnologiesWest Midlands
Optical DiagnosticsWest Midlands
Optical Fiber Packaging LtdEast of England
Optical FiltersSouth East
Optical Metrology ServicesEast of England
Optical ResourcesNorth West
Optical Services & SalesWales
Optical Technology TrainingYorkshire and The Humber
Optical Test and CalibrationYorkshire and The Humber
Optical Tools For IndustryWales
Optical VisionEast of England
OpticonsultancySouth East
Opticore ItGreater London
Opticron FinishingSouth East
OpticstarNorth West
Optilan GroupWest Midlands
Optimax Imaging Inspection & MeasurementEast Midlands
OptimecWest Midlands
Optimum CoatingsNorth West
OptisenseSouth East
OptolinkNorth East
OptomelSouth East
OptricalYorkshire and The Humber
OrcaGreater London
Orion AutomationEast of England
Orion Optics UkWest Midlands
Orion PhotonicsSouth West
OssilaYorkshire and The Humber
OverviewSouth East
Oxford HighQSouth East
Oxford Instruments PlcSouth East
Oxford Instruments PlcSouth West
Oxford LasersSouth East
Oxley Developments CompanyNorth West
OxsensisSouth East
P & T ConsultingScotland
P A Consulting GroupEast of England
Pacer TechnologiesSouth East
PanchromosEast of England
Paramount Panels IncGreater London
ParaytecYorkshire and The Humber
PasscommNorth West
Pcl Control InstrumentsEast Midlands
Pe FiberopticsSouth East
Peacock TechnologyScotland
Peli Products (Uk)East Midlands
PerkinelmerSouth East
Phase FocusYorkshire and The Humber
Phase PhotonicsNorth East
PhoelexEast of England
Phoenix Optical TechnologiesWales
Phoenix PhotonicsSouth East
Phosphor TechnologyEast of England
PhotekSouth East
Photodata Test ServicesEast of England
Photometric & Optical Testing Services LlpEast of England
Photon DesignSouth East
Photon ForceScotland
Photon LinesSouth East
Photonic DesignsGreater London
Photonic ScienceSouth East
Photonic Science and EngineeringSouth East
Photonic SolutionsScotland
Photonic VisionSouth East
Photonics & AnalyticsSouth East
Photonics MeasurementsNorthern Ireland
Photonics TechnologiesSouth East
PhotonsensSouth West
Photonstar LedSouth East
Photo-Sonics InternationalSouth East
Photox Optical SystemsYorkshire and The Humber
Photron (Europe)South East
Photronics (Uk)Wales
PI (Physik Instrumente) LtdEast of England
Pike SignalsNorth West
Pike SignalsScotland
Pike SignalsWest Midlands
Pilkington Technology ManagementNorth West
Pixoft Diagnostic ImagingSouth West
Plasma AppSouth East
Plasma QuestSouth East
Plessey SemiconductorsSouth West
PlextekEast of England
Plus OptoNorth West
PolyPhotonixNorth East
PolytecEast of England
PolytecWest Midlands
Powerlase PhotonicsSouth East
PR Power InstallationsEast Midlands
Precision Laser ProcessingWest Midlands
Precision MicroWest Midlands
Precision PhotometricsScotland
Preci-SparkEast Midlands
Premier ElectronicsEast of England
Premier HazardYorkshire and The Humber
Premier Laser CuttingEast Midlands
Press-Tech Cutting FormesSouth East
Prima Power UkWest Midlands
Prior Scientific InstrumentsEast of England
Pro PhotonixEast of England
Prolabs (Uk)South West
Prolite - TechnologyEast of England
Proto LabsWest Midlands
Prp OptoelectronicsSouth West
Pubble HillNorthern Ireland
Pulse PhotonicsSouth East
Pulse Power and MeasurementSouth East
Pyramid Engineering Services CompanyGreater London
Pyser-SgiSouth East
QinetiQSouth East
Qioptiq PhotonicsSouth East
QLM TechnologySouth West
Qmc InstrumentsWales
Quantum Design UK & IrelandSouth East
R D T Precision OpticsYorkshire and The Humber
R E CookeWest Midlands
RacelogicSouth East
Rapid Biosensor SystemsEast of England
Rapiscan SystemsSouth East
Raptor PhotonicsNorthern Ireland
RDDS AvionicsEast of England
Reconnaissance InternationalSouth East
RedluxSouth East
Redwave LabsSouth East
Reekie SteeltecScotland
RefulgentNorth East
Reliance PrecisionYorkshire and The Humber
RenishawSouth West
RenishawYorkshire and The Humber
Resolute PhotonicsSouth East
Resolve OpticsSouth East
Reveal MediaGreater London
RfelSouth East
Rheintacho UkYorkshire and The Humber
Rideo SystemsSouth East
Ridgemount TechnologiesSouth East
Ripley EuropeWest Midlands
Robe UkEast Midlands
Rockley PhotonicsSouth East
Rockwell Collins UkScotland
Rockwell Collins UkSouth East
Rofin-Baasel UkEast Midlands
RomagNorth East
Rr EngineeringYorkshire and The Humber
Rushmere TechnologyEast of England
SagentiaEast of England
Salvagnini Uk & IrelandWest Midlands
Santec EuropeGreater London
Scantron Industrial ProductsSouth West
Schott UkWest Midlands
Scientific OpticalSouth East
ScientificaSouth East
ScintacorEast of England
SciovisWest Midlands
SCISYSSouth West
Scitec InstrumentsSouth West
Sci-Tech PrecisionSouth East
Scorpion VisionSouth East
Sea (Group)South West
Seagate Technology (Ireland)Northern Ireland
SemelabEast Midlands
Sencon (Uk)West Midlands
SengeniaNorthern Ireland
Sensopart UkEast Midlands
Sens-TechSouth East
Seren PhotonicsWales
Seven Technologies GroupNorthern Ireland
Seven Technologies GroupYorkshire and The Humber
Severn Manufacturing SystemsWest Midlands
SG ControlsEast of England
Sharp Laboratories of EuropeSouth East
Shearline Precision EngineeringEast of England
Sheffield Assay OfficeYorkshire and The Humber
Shelton Vision SystemsEast Midlands
Sheriff TechnologiesNorth East
Shore DesignScotland
Siemens Industrial TurbomachineryEast Midlands
Sigmatek EuropeWest Midlands
Silent SentinelEast of England
SilixaEast of England
SilotonSouth West
Siltint IndustriesNorth West
Sinclair Optical Services CompanySouth West
SJC Hutchinson (Engineering)Northern Ireland
Skan Group HoldingsWest Midlands
Skye InstrumentsWales
Slivers Semiconductor LtdScotland
SLS OpticsIsle of Man
Smart FibresSouth East
SmartkemNorth West
Smith & Nephew PlcGreater London
Smiths Detection-WatfordEast of England
Solaris PhotonicsEast of England
Solaris PhotonicsGreater London
Solarshade Window FilmsSouth East
Solarsigns UkNorth East
SolarTech TransformerGreater London
Sparks Laser ServicesEast of England
SpartaNorth West
SpecacGreater London
Specialised ImagingEast of England
Specialised Laser ProductsYorkshire and The Humber
Spectrogon UKScotland
Spectronic CamspecYorkshire and The Humber
Spectro-ServiceEast Midlands
Spectrum MetrologyEast Midlands
Spectrum Technologies PlcWales
Speyer PhotonicsWest Midlands
Spi Lasers PlcSouth East
Spie EuropeWales
Spirent Communications PlcSouth East
Spirent Communications PlcSouth West
SSE Enterprise TelecomsScotland
SSE Enterprise TelecomsSouth East
Starlight XpressSouth East
Starpoint Adaptive OpticsNorth East
Starrett Precision OpticalSouth East
Steel Service CentreWest Midlands
Stock OpticsYorkshire and The Humber
StratophaseSouth East
Stratton TechnologiesEast of England
Subcon Laser CuttingWest Midlands
SudlowsNorth West
Sumitomo Electric EuropeEast of England
Sun and WindWest Midlands
Sunfish EnergyWales
SureScreen DiagnosticsEast Midlands
Surrey NanosystemsSouth East
Surrey Satellite TechnologySouth East
Swarco TrafficYorkshire and The Humber
Synaptec LimitedScotland
Synopsys (Northern Europe)South East
SynopticsEast of England
T CGreater London
Tannlin UKScotland
Taylor HobsonEast Midlands
Tec5 UkEast of England
Tech OpticsSouth East
TechnipFMCNorth East
Teer CoatingsWest Midlands
Tek-4East Midlands
Tekdata InterconnectionsWest Midlands
TekSisNorth East
TekSisNorth West
Telecom Installation ServicesNorth West
Teledyne E2VEast of England
TelesiseagleSouth West
Telespazio Vega UkEast of England
Teratech ComponentsSouth East
TeraviewEast of England
TeroptaEast Midlands
TestbourneSouth East
Thales UKNorthern Ireland
Thales UKScotland
Thales UKSouth East
Thales UKSouth West
The Greenstock Lamp CompanyEast Midlands
The Laser Cutting CompanyYorkshire and The Humber
The Roditi International CorporationGreater London
Thermal Vision Research LimitedSouth East
Thermoteknix SystemsEast of England
Thin Film SolutionsScotland
Thomas SwanNorth East
Thor PhotomedicineSouth East
ThorlabsEast of England
Thorn LightingNorth East
TintometerSouth West
Tlm LaserSouth East
Tlp Laser EngineeringNorth West
Torr ScientificSouth East
Toshiba Research EuropeEast of England
TracercoNorth East
Trilby MultimediaWest Midlands
Tritec DevelopmentsNorth West
Tritek Optical SolutionsWest Midlands
TRP Products (Uk)East Midlands
TrumpfEast of England
TRWWest Midlands
TS Space SystemsSouth East
TT ElectronicsSouth East
TundraSystems Global LTDWales
TurnockWest Midlands
TwiEast of England
TwiYorkshire and The Humber
Two Trees PhotonicsSouth East
Txo SystemsWales
Uk Optical PlasticsEast Midlands
ULO OpticsEast of England
Ultra ElectronicsSouth East
Ultra ElectronicsSouth West
Ultra-Violet ProductsEast of England
Ultravision InternationalEast of England
Umicore Coating ServicesScotland
UnilaseGreater London
United Optical LaboratoriesNorthern Ireland
Universal Fibre OpticsScotland
UQGEast of England
Vandalite LightingYorkshire and The Humber
Vector PhotonicsScotland
Venture PhotonicsSouth West
VerivideEast Midlands
Vertec ScientificSouth East
Vexica LightingYorkshire and The Humber
Viavi Solutions UkSouth East
Vicon Motion SystemsSouth East
Videojet TechnologiesEast of England
Virgin MediaGreater London
Visio IngeniiSouth East
Vision EngineeringSouth East
Vision4ceSouth East
VisionScope TechnologiesEast of England
VisiTech InternationalNorth East
Vista OpticsNorth West
VitritechYorkshire and The Humber
Vortex Optical CoatingsEast Midlands
Vreo InnovationNorth East
Wafer TechnologySouth East
Walker OpticsScotland
Ward Optical SystemsSouth East
Washington Metal WorksNorth East
WatersEast of England
WaveOpticsSouth East
WellvendYorkshire and The Humber
Werma (UK)East Midlands
Whitecroft LightingNorth West
Willow PhotonicsEast Midlands
Winbro Group TechnologiesEast Midlands
Window Shield (Uk)North West
Wood Group's Clean EnergyScotland
Xaar PlcEast of England
XactNorth West
XcamEast Midlands
XL PrecisionNorth East
Xmark MediaSouth East
Yamazaki Mazak UKWest Midlands
Yelo LtdNorthern Ireland
Yorkshire Laser and FabricationsYorkshire and The Humber
Yorkshire Photonic TechnologyYorkshire and The Humber
ZeekoEast Midlands
Zemax EuropeEast of England
Zeta Specialist LightingSouth East
Ziebel UKScotland
ZilicoNorth West
ZinirSouth East
Zytronic DisplaysNorth East

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