Author: John Lincoln

Lasers- an essential tool for raising manufacturing productivity

Lasers are an increasingly essential tool for enhancing productivity in modern manufacturing enabling rapid precision cutting,  welding, joining, engraving and marking in additional to precision quality control and on-line measurement.  The latest review article from Industrial Laser Solutions summarises how the latest fibre laser – invented in the UK continue are enhancing the manufacturing process.

Photonics in Medtech and pharma

A Cardiff meeting on 13 December will examine the pivotal role of photonics in Medical Technologies and Pharmaceutical development and production. Organised by the Centre for Process Innovation and the Knowledge Transfer Network, this event gives the opportunity hear what Pharma and MedTech users need from photonics and how developments in these area can be supported…

PLG welcomes the introduction of Innovation loans

Innovate_UK has announced it will begin piloting of innovation loans.  Targeted to later state research and development project the will sit alongside Innovate’s well established innovation grants. The often hidden enabling nature of photonics, and the rapid pace of photonics innovation means it can be difficult for photonics companies and those applying the latest photonic…

PLG website disruption

We have now completed transferring the PLG website to a new hosting provider. All previous posts and content has been transferred to the new host and we hope you enjoy the modified appearance. If you find content missing or malfunctioning please contact us.