Future Photonics Horizons- what will be the focus of future research?

In the midst of the Coronovirus lock-down, the PLG pushed the boundaries of remote collaboration yesterday to bring together more than 20 of the leading UK Photonics Professors to initiate a collective vision for future photonics research in the UK. With combined research income of over £650 million and more than 40 distinguished prizes, the assembled collective generated over 120 concepts likely to be of significant research focus in 10+ years.

With the support of a team of early career research fellows we will be compiling the output of this Horizon Scanning process for publication this summer.

We would like to thank those involved for their flexibility, coming together from homes all over the country to contribute, whilst juggling the urgent necessities of shutting down research institutions and adjusting to whole families suddenly working from home.

We hope, looking to the future will provide both inspiration and distraction from our immediate stresses, and will be seeking additional wider inputs shortly.

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