Existing UK Semiconductor Infrastructure

The Department for Science, Innovation & Technology (DSIT) has commissioned a feasibility study to understand the technical and economic feasibility of developing specific capabilities to support commercial R&D, grow the UK semiconductor sector and contribute to supply chain resilience. The study is led by IfM Engage and supported by strong industrial and academic consortium partners including the CSA Catapult, Techworks NMI, Silicon Catalyst, Photonics Leadership Group, Cambridge Econometrics, Future Horizons, Semiwise, Imperial College and the University of Leeds.

Having captures potential users interest UK capability we are now seeking to understand the extent of current UK semiconductor capability and infrastructure. If you are current active in the UK semiconductor supply chain in industry or undertaking semiconductor research please complete the Existing Infrastructure Survey by the 19 June. Note this is separate and significantly shorter than the previous user survey.

The first question ‘Are you an Open access Facility’ has caused some confusion.  If your business model allows for the design, fabrication, packaging or processing of semicon devices/ materials for external customers please select YES.  It would be beneficial if you could indicate whether this is as on design and fab basis or sub-contract to external design..

A series of workshops to build on the survey inputs will take place in July and is open for registration.

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