• Future Horizons for Photonics Research
  • Photonics Revolutionising Our World
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Photonics Enabling Productivity Throughout the UK

UK Photonics

UK Photonics

A £13.5bn industry employing over 69,000 people in the UK with nationally leading productivity and global industrial and societal impact

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Future Horizons for Photonics Research

Future Horizons for Photonics Research

A visionary look at the future direction of photonics research, compiled with input from leading academic researchers from across the UK

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UK Photonics Contact List

UK Photonics Contact List

Add yourself to the UK photonics community contact list to be kept informed of key information and consultations regarding photonics in the UK

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PLG draft response the BIS consultation on Proposals for Long-Term Capital Investment in Science & Research

We have prepared the following response from the PLG to be submitted to the BIS consultation on Proposals for Long-Term Capital Investment in Science & Research. Your suggestions for improvement before submission on 3 July are most welcome. If you have strong opinions you should of course also submit your own response directly at https://bisgovuk.citizenspace.com/digital/consultation-on-proposals-for-long-term-capital-in/consultation/intro/view…

Photonics Revolutionising our World

How does Light and Photonics impact your live now and in the future.  Just some examples illustrating the how photonics is becoming one of the key industries for the future are included in this brochure focused on transport, manufacturing and healthcare. Photonics – Revolutionising Our World First published in Janurary 2014

European SMART award

UK SME’s have long loved the SMART award run by the Technology Strategy Board.   But have you ever wanted a higher contribution and larger grant value especially for the development of prototype phase? The answer is arriving from Europe in the Open Disruptive Innovation (ODI) competition. Like SMART it has a number of phases from …

TSB and EPSRC funded projects

Ever wanted to know what projects the Technology Strategy Board and EPSRC fund in photonics. Fully searchable databases of past and current projects, with partners and level of support can be found at EPSRC Grants on the web Search by topic of your choice- topics, sector, university researcher current and past portfolio Or see EPSRC…

UK Photonics Future Growth

The major opportunities for future growth within the UK photonics sector are identified within this draft report – PLG_UK_Photonics_Future_growth_Jan2014draft. The report highlights area where the UK can be an international leader in significant markets and what should be done to maximise these opportunities.  This report acts as a guide for developing and reaffirming business and…

Guide for registering as an EU expert

The PLG is pleased to make available this handy Guide for registering as an EU expert designed to assist anyone attempting to register as an EU expert, particularly those from the photonics sector. WHY BOTHER The European Commission is looking for experts specifically for Horizon 2020 “Industrial Leadership – Leadership in Enabling and Industrial Technologies”…

Alastair Wilson receives recognition from PLG

Alastair Wilson was presented with token of appreciation by the Photonics Leadership Group at its meeting on Monday 20 Jan. 2014 on behalf of the UK photonics industry to mark his forthcoming retirement after 40 years dedication to furthering the cause of Photonics in the UK. Alastair has been Director of Photonics through all the…

Who are the Photonics Leadership Group?

The PLG is a voluntary collective of photonics industry and academic leaders nudging policy, strategy, industry and research in mutally beneficial directions