PLG welcomes Innovate call to identify key challenges faced by industry for ISCF wave 3

In the first call from UKRI , the new body combining the Research Councils and Innovate_UK expressions of interest have been invited on the main challenges faced by industry where intervention will make a significant impact on the grand challenges identified in the 2017 industry strategy.

The PLG welcomes this open call from UKRI which will result in a broader and more open and representative industry input into the areas to be supported in wave 3 of the ISCF.

Grand Photonics ChallangesThe PLG will be coordinating multiple submissions around the four grand photonics challenges the group have previously identified, bring together industry and leading academic from across the UK.

  • Delivering Internet 5.0, where data delivery is ubiquitous, invisible and instantaneous to all people and all factories, no matter where they are or what they are doing.
  • Affordable, accurate location information, overcoming security threats and enabling autonomous vehicles with instantaneous awareness of rapidly changing local surroundings.
  • Enabling UK manufacture of the car of the future, with advanced digital manufacturing using light to process, monitor and control cutting, joining, marking and assembly for lighter weight, safer, more efficient vehicles.
  • Making home healthcare as effective as hospital care by 2030, by providing simple pre-clinical diagnoses and health screening tools for use in the home and pharmacy, decreasing the load on primary and hospital.

If you would like to be involved in the working group finalising answer to the following key questions  please contact us.  The PLG is an open entirely voluntary body and the contribution of all is welcome.

  1. What is the challenge and how would a successful progress be measured?
  2. What is the opportunity for productivity growth and wider impact?
  3. What is the market opportunity?
  4. What is the evidence of UK strength?
  5. What is the demand from industry? *
  6. Why is supported needed?
  7. What level of funding is needed?

*Even if you are unable to commit time to drafting a response please do let us know if you and your organisation support action in any of the above areas. Statement from CXO level managers and the user community are particularly welcome as establishing the level of UK based stakeholder demand is an essential part of the process.

We will keep the community update on progress through the PLG portal.


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