Quantum Consultations Open

Two important consultations are open for inputs on the future direction of the UK quantum program.

  1. UK quantum strategy: call for evidence from BEIS.  Online responses by 10 March 2022.  Note the ‘strategy will cover all quantum technologies and their enablers’.  Given photonics is a major enabler for quantum, we would encourage even those not directly engaged in the current UK quantum program to input.
  2. Quantum Infrastructure Needs Survey from EPSRC. Online responses by  28 February 2022. Aiming to gain broad input from academia and industry on the UK infrastructure that is relevant to the quantum sector now and in the future.

The latest analysis from Innovate UK indicates 88% of projects they have funded under the quantum program relate to photonics – showing how critical photonics is to this field.  Innovate have funded 123 companies under the program, indicating <8% of UK photonics companies have received support from the quantum program hinting at the huge diversity of photonics impact beyond any single market or application.

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