Commercialising quantum technologies

£33 million from the Industrial Strategy Challenge Fund is available to invest in projects that aim to speed up commercialisation of quantum technologies.

Projects must aim to speed up commercialisation of second-generation quantum technologies (superposition, entanglement and related effects*) and should address at least 1 of the following areas:

  • connectivity and techniques for securing data in storage and in flight
  • situational awareness including autonomous systems; sensors and detectors for the built environment, transport and infrastructure; imaging and sensing of things currently invisible
  • transformational computing to solve currently unmanageable problems

The competition opened on 5 August 2019, with a deadline of noon, 30 October 2019 and has 2 strands. A recording of the 2 September briefing event is available online.:

  • up to £27 million is available for consortia undertaking large research projects
  • up to £6 million is available for projects with costs of less than £500,000 that can be undertaken by companies working alone or with partners

*Second generation quantum techniques are defined as the generation or coherent control and manipulation of quantum states, resulting in superposition and entanglement (single photon generation or detection and quantum computing are in scope).

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