Connecting the UK -Made in the UK

The PLG is currently working with the UK photonics community and the UK Fibre Connectivity Forum to draft a recommended strategy for significantly increasing supply of UK optical communications hardware and a vision giving the UK a lead in next generation low-carbon communications capability.

UPDATE – a 1 page briefing summary of the recommended Connecting the UK – Made in the UK strategy is now available, on which we welcome comment. An expanded white paper is in development.

Covid-19 has demonstrated how important it is to be be able to interact remotely and safely with colleagues, friends, services and factories. 2020 has also highlighted the importance of trust and country-of-origin in our network equipment driving the formation of a Telecoms Diversification Task Force.

As we have all seen working and socialising from home, real- time interactivity is as the heart of the latest digital services and the next generation economy. However delivering uniform interactivity puts new demands on the fibre and equipment in our communications network. Whilst the UK is investing significantly in optical fibre and 5G to get people connected, digitally levelling-up requires going further to ensure users are not only connected, but their quality of service is maximised across the UK.

The UK has decades of heritage in optical and wireless communications technology and major industrial and research strength in the embedded componentry right down to the semiconductors and optical fibre on which all networks depend. Now is the time to bring the supply chain together to support the development of next generation UK equipment that fully leverages UK capability.

If you would like to be involved in development of this strategy and review the draft briefing and white papers please contact the PLG.

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