Coronavirus impact survey on UK Photonics and Acoustics industries

The PLG are requesting input to a short, 12 question, survey to gauge the impact of coronavirus restrictions on the photonics and acoustics industries. We are seeking to understand:-

  • How many companies are still manufacturing and where you’ve encountered the biggest challenges,
  • What’s the impact on non-manufacturers,
  • Whether you have made use of government support schemes what will help get your organisation get back to pre-lock down activities as fast as possible.

The survey can be completed online or within following widow

Of course, for many it is too early to understand the long term impact which continues to develop rapidly, thus we are attempting to capture the current situation and impressions today and will revisit opinions in a few months to see what has changed. As photonics and acoustics share many characteristics as enabling, often embedded, technologies, this survey is targeted at both for efficiency and to enable comparison of the results.


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