DCMS launch ‘Future RAN: Diversifying the 5G Supply Chain’ competition

The PLG warmly welcomes the launch of a £30 million competition from DCMS supporting innovation and development of UK communications hardware supporting open interfaces. Optical communication is key to the open 5G eco-system connecting radio masts to base stations and carrying traffic on into the core network. All companies developing optical communications solutions in the UK at any level in the supply chain are encouraged to work with partners and apply into this competition to mature novel open architecture compatible UK communications hardware supporting future 5G networks at all levels.

“Ultimately, the projects funded through this competition should help develop
products that resolve the top challenges posed by new, interoperable technologies, and develop initial
UK capability in the Open RAN ecosystem”

The PLG has worked closely with DCMS over 6 months to articulate the potential within the UK photonics community to provide disruptive, next generation open architecture solutions that support future access and core networks. Driven by the UK telecommunication diversification strategy, this is the first time in over a decade direct support for telecoms hardware development has been available in the UK. The PLG encourage the community to make the most of the opportunity.

Grants from $250 to £5million will be available to support projects up to 18 month in length. Full application guidance is available online

The competition briefing will take place on 13 July @ 14:00-16:00, supported by DCMS, KTN and UK5G. The competition is open for 8 weeks closing 27 August 2021

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