Derek Peden, Design LED and Kent Rochford, SPIE elected to P21 Board of Stakeholders

The Photonics Leadership Group congratulates Derek Peden Innovation Manager at Design LED Products Ltd, in Livingston and Kent Rochford SPIE CEO on being elected to the Photonics21 Board of Stakeholders.

A full 39 members of the 100 strong Board of Stakeholders were elected by 240 voters in the recent election with 7 representatives now from the UK including:-

  • Chris Dorman, Coherent (Scotland)
  • Derek Peden, Design LED Products
  • Kent Rochford, SPIE Europe
  • Alastair Wilson, University of Glasgow
  • Julian Burke, Leica Microsystems
  • Drew Nelson, IQE
  • Stefano Taccheo, University of Swansea

Mike Wale, formerly of Oclaro, and  leader of working group 6, was also re-elected to the BoS under affiliation with the University of Endhoven.



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