EU Photonics funding competition deadlines approach

With deadlines of March 28 2019, there are three currently open Horizon2020 European funding calls. No matter the result of the Brexit negotiations UK government has promised to underwrite the financial contributions to any UK partner for successful applications submitted before 29 March.

  • Photonics Manufacturing Pilot Lines for Photonic Components and Devices to provide open access to manufacturing of advanced photonics components and systems in next generation free-form optics and Advanced optical medical device technologies for medical diagnostics.
  • Application driven Photonics components focusing on Photonic devices to support monitoring therapeutic progress, Sensor-based optimisation of production processes, Photonics system on chip / system in package for optical interconnect applications, Photonics systems for advanced imaging to support diagnostics driven therapy.
  • Collaborative support action to foster careers in photonics.

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