European SMART award

UK SME’s have long loved the SMART award run by the Technology Strategy Board.   But have you ever wanted a higher contribution and larger grant value especially for the development of prototype phase?

The answer is arriving from Europe in the Open Disruptive Innovation (ODI) competition.

Like SMART it has a number of phases from  feasibility to demonstration to market.

Unlike SMART the demonstration phase is funded to 70% of project costs to a max of €2.5million meaning it could be worth 10 times more to you as an SME.

Unlike most of EU funding it is open to Single company submissions!

“Proposed projects should have a potential for disruptive innovation and fast market up-take in ICT

First feasibility calls will open in June 2014 and first demonstration calls October 2014.

Latest information is from EU  Info day on Open Disruptive Innovation & Innovation and Entrepreneurship Support in the Horizon 2020

with this presentation particularly worth a visit

3 – Open Disruptive Innovation and SME Instrument (Call ICT- 37-2014)


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