Fast Track to Innovation – New EU programme

Fast Track to Innovation is a new EU innovation support program, designed for high TRL projects (TRL6-9) .  By EU Commisions their own description this is targeted at well developed technology “any solution proposed for funding must already have been successfully tested in an operational relevant environment, and prospects for market uptake quantified”

Projects should be in range of €1.4-2.8m, involve 3-5 partners from at least 3 countries with min of 2 industrial parnets and be led by industry. Calls are continuously open with evaluations every 3-4 months. 50-70 projects will be funded funded per year.  First deadline 29 April, 2nd 1 Sept.  70% funded for industry. New to EU funding SMEs preferred.

Note one of main difference to the EU Open Disruptive Innovation SME program (ODI) is the need to have 3 partners from 3 different EU countries.

Fast Track to Innovation Website:
Call summary pdf
FTI Pilot promotional leaflet
Presentation on the FTI Pilot


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