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Ahead of the start of Horizon 2020, the new EU research and innovation programme, the European Commission has launched a new call for independent experts for the evaluation of proposals under Horizon 2020, the EU’s new funding instrument for Research and Innovation (2014-2020). Experts are needed to evaluate proposals for EU funding and for other activities such as monitoring, programme evaluation and policy development.The European Commission is looking for experts specifically for the Horizon 2020 part “Industrial Leadership – Leadership in Enabling and Industrial Technologies” (LEIT), and therein for the Key Enabling Technologies (KET), notably for

  • Nanotechnologies (LEIT NMP+B)
  • Advanced materials (LEIT NMP+B)
  • Advanced manufacturing and processing (LEIT NMP+B)
  • Biotechnology (LEIT NMP+B)
  • Micro-/nanoelectronics (LEIT ICT)
  • Photonics (LEIT ICT) and for cross-cutting and interdisciplinary questions.

Interested candidates are invited to file their application online as soon as possible in preparation for the first project proposal evaluations, which will start in 2014.

Experts can register in the database on their own initiative or be named by organisations. If you are already registered in the FP7 experts database and you are interested to continue under Horizon 2020, you can simply update your profile on the Participant Portal. Other interested experts are welcome to register new on the Participant Portal.

Registered and new experts should tick the “Horizon 2020” box, and indicate their fields of expertise related to the NMP+B part and/or ICT part of Horizon 2020.

The European Commission is in need of experts with a strong relevant research and technological background, and it will be important to cover appropriately the industrial dimension of the programme and to address all aspects of innovation. In this context the European Commission would like to invite experts with strong background and expertise e.g. in

  • Industry and businesses including SMEs, in relation to Key Enabling Technologies, for individual technologies such as the areas above as well as for “cross-KET” and interdisciplinary issues,
  • Strategic business planning and development, product/service development, marketing – market know-how,
  • Industrial and project investment and financing,
  • Intellectual property and management/protection of know-how.

You will find any further details on this call for experts on the European Commission website.

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