Industrial Digitisation in UK – Made Smarter Review

Made Smarter Review coverThe PLG welcomes the publication of Juerger Maier’s Made Smarter Review of how digital technology, including photonics, can boost UK manufacturing by £455billion over 10 years.  A likely prelude for an Industrial Digitisation Sector Deal, the review outlines three key challenges in leadership, adoption and innovation.

Photonics, notable industrial vision, optical metrology and laser processing, including additive manufacturing of metals, are key enablers of industrial digitisation for improving manufacturing productivity. Light provides the critical interface between manufacturing processes and the digital world, enabling products to be measured and modified remotely in real-time.

The UK photonics industry looks forward to working with the champions of industrial digitisation to provide clear examples of the impact of photonics on manufacturing productivity, accelerate adoption  of light based processes across industry and further advance the latest digital process such as laser based additive manufacturing.



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