Photonics for Net Zero at Photonics West


In conjunction with show organisers SPIE, John Lincoln, PLG Chief Executive is organising a session on Photonics for Net Zero during Photonics West 2022.

Improving sustainability and achieving net zero will be the greatest technology challenge of the 21st century. Photonics has a vital role in providing and supporting solutions on multiple fronts from improving renewable energy generation, enhancing energy efficiency in manufacturing and communications and increasing reuse both in photonics and beyond.

Vital for supporting the continued rapid growth of the industry, positioning photonics as central to sustainability solutions will also be essential to attracting the best and brightest future talent to the industry.

Photonics for Net Zero at Photonics West will hear from industry leaders exploring how photonics can make a major contribution to achieving net zero.  A combination of technology and strategic choices that will illustrate how your organisation can be leaders, not followers, on the path to net zero.

A prestigious international panel is being constructed for the session, if you would like to join them or have suggestion of who should be invited please contact us

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