Photonics in the UK industry strategy challenge fund

ISCF Challenges (Waves 1 and 2)
Faraday battery challenge
From data to early diagnosis and precision medicine
Healthy ageing
Leading-edge healthcare
Next-generation services
Prospering from the energy revolution
Quantum technologies
Robots for a safer world
Transforming construction
Transforming food production
Creative industries clusters
Driverless cars
Manufacturing and future materials
National Satellite Test Facility

The industry strategy challenge fund is a core component of the UK’s industry strategy . Waves one and two have already announced support for 15 key industrial challenges (right) and more are expected to be announced from wave three shortly.

The latest PLG meeting on 10 October considered at length the best way to engage with the ISCF programme, the key elements in successful ISCF proposals and the merits of securing ISCF support for key photonics challenges.

Whilst photonics faces numerous challenges resolution to which will have significant society benefits, as an enabling technology, photonics will be vital for making progress in all the identified ISCF challenge areas, either as an embedded technology, or as a high productivity manufacturing process.  The PLG and photonics community will therefore seek to engage with challenge directors and partners across all ISCF areas to deliver enabling photonics with demonstrable rapid impact helping support all ISCF challenges meet their goals.


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