Photonics Leadership Group appoints Chair and new Vice- Chair and Treasurer

Chris Dorman (Coherent, Scotland) – PLG Chair

John Parsons (Thales UK) – PLG Vice-Chair

Anke Lohmann (Anchored In) – PLG Treasurer

The new appointments were confirmed by member vote at the PLG meeting on 27 February. The roles of Vice-Chair and Treasurer have been newly created in 2019 in response to our growing reputation and increased requests for timely input from the PLG. This reflects the strong demand for more photonics innovation from many global markets and a rising understanding of the importance of photonics in meeting the challenges of the modern digital society.

We congratulated Chris, John and Anke on their appointment and thank them in advance for their contribution to the Photonics Leadership Group in representing the whole UK Photonics community.

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