Photonics opportunities in ESA telecommunications program

Updated details, timescale and application process for the European Space Agency’s ARTES (Advanced Research in Telecommunications Systems) Programme for commercial telecommunications products and services has been released.

The UK has subscribed over £250 million into the ARTES programme to 2022 to support UK industry develop the next generation of telecommunications products, services and applications. This includes two main funding streams:

  • Advanced Technology: offering 100% funding for developing early technologies and innovations. Invitations to tender are listed on the ESA website and include the Scylight free space optical comms and the 4S- optical technology streams among many advanced technology requirements. A 3 stage application process includes
  • Competitiveness and Growth: This is an industry-led programme offering matched funding for developing commercial satellite communications technology solutions and innovations.

Applications will in future be considered three times a year through a competition, with the first competition opening in November 2021 and closing January 2022.

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