Photonics Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda Workshops

The Photonics21 working groups are all hosting workshops in the next month to continue the process of updating the Photonics Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda (SRIA). The workshops will pick-up from the discussions at the Photonics21 annual meeting earlier in the year. With experts inputting from across Europe, updating the SRIA is the first significant reappraisal of photonics opportunities and impact post-Covid & Energy crisis.

With so many macro economics factors having changed significantly, engaging with the development of the new SRIA is an excellent way to understanding the impact of these changes. The SRIA will set the direction of future European photonics innovation funding and, with similar external factors applying to all, provide indirect insights into the direction of national funding, including in the UK and elsewhere.

To support maximum participation most meetings are either virtual or hybrid.

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