Regional distribution of Photonics productivity

Further analysis of the UK photonics industry provides a regional breakdown of industry productivity measured through gross value added to the economy per photonics employee.

UK Photonics total output was £13.5billion in 2018 with a total gross value added* (GVA) to the economy estimated to be £5.3billion. At an average gross value add per photonics employee of £76,400 photonics productivity across the country is already 14% higher than the UK manufacturing average of ~£67,000 per employee.

The latest analysis shows how photonics productivity varies from £66,800 per employee up to £89,500 between regions. Four regions have GVA per employee above £80,000 – East of England, North West, Yorkshire & Humber and Scotland. There are also at least 30 photonics companies, many manufacturing hardware in the UK for global export, with productivity over £100,000 per employee.

*The PLG estimate GVA from the sum of profit and total employee benefits paid in the photonics fraction of a business.

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