Skills shortage?

Interesting comment from recruiters that skilled staff are not just becoming harder to find, but are also less inclined to move.

As photonics continues to expand, availability of people is increasingly an issue. This includes persuading people  to move to photonics from other industries.  There are many skills that high growth photonics companies need that are well developed in other industries from quality control, to manufacturing engineering and supplier management.   Yet these valuable skills can be cautious about moving to an industry they may previously have been unaware of.

Expanding production means more manufacturing staff and more people are required at all levels.   This requires increasing enthusiasm for careers in manufacturing and differentiating Hi-Tech clean manufacturing from both traditional engineering and desk based IT roles.  Focus is often give the development of the highest skill levels with a recent focus on more industrially relevant Phd’s and Engineering Doctorates.  However in parallel a more enlightened approach in vocational training is required to make sure those manufacturing lines can be expanded without delay.


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