UK infrared and broadband imaging supply chain

Multiband Imaging exampleNew multiband imaging chips offer the potenital for lightweight simultaneious imaging from LWIR thermal range to the visible spectrum.  However, operational systems also need simultanous break throughs in optical matierals, coatings, electroincs, image processing and system design.  Advances in all of these are taking place in the UK, but lack of ‘visibility’, coordination and ‘focus’ will delay new products and reduce the opportunity.

We are therefore encouraging collaboration throughout the supply chain to accelerate the UK development and adoption of next generation IR & multiband imaging solutions.

There will be an initial meeting alongside SPIE Security+ Defence and Remote sensing in Edinburgh, on Wed 28 Sep. 13:30 – 15:00.  Please contact us if you would like to attend

You can also contribute remotely workspace at  This on-line tool enables multiple inputs/viewpoints can be gathered without having to attend meetings in person. The process should be self-explanatory, please make your own additions, comments and highlights.  You will be asked to provide an email address when you first access the Groupmap, and can return to the map at any point to see contributions from others.  Our initial aim is to capture:-

  • What strengths and gaps do we have in the UK,
  • Who are the UK players developing and adopting innovation
  • Agree what are the key elements of IR imaging supply chain,
  • What potential actions to take to drive innovation and subsequent steps?

For further information you may also add yourself to the distribution list for this working group.

Supported by PLG, KTN, ChAMP  and open to input from all organisations.

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