UK Semiconductor Government Consultation Open

UK government has launched a consultation to gather evidence on the strengths and weaknesses of the UK semiconductor industry as p[art of the development of a UK semiconductor strategy.

Semiconductors are as essential to photonics as they are to electronics. In compound semiconductors and silicon photonics the UK has globally leading capability in research, innovation, design and production. We encourage the photonics industry to submit evidence to the inquiry, by 14 June 2022, identifying opportunities and existing capabilities and how these can be further strengthened, particularly around the semiconductors that form an essential part of the photonics supply chain.

There are many critical applications for semiconductors that enable communications, healthcare, consumer tech and efficient manufacturing beyond computer chips. The UK has leading suppliers and innovators in these supply chains where demand for UK expertise will continue to be strong long after the current digital silicon chip shortage. A holistic approach, including all semiconductor materials and applications, in the UK semiconductor strategy will support lasting impact, sustained UK leadership and sustainable long term growth and be critical to supporting the Vision for UK Photonics to grow the industry to £50 billion by 2035.

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