Covid-19 recovery survey

The PLG are requesting input to a new short, 14 question, survey to gauge the ongoing impact of Covid-19 on photonics. The new survey is directed to both industrialists and academic researchers, with separate questions for both, seeking to understand:-

  • The state of recovery and future outlook
  • The impact on exports and collaborative R&D
  • The use made of government support schemes
  • The impact on research activity, manufacturing and service industries.

The survey can be completed online or within the following widow. Please respond by 25 September if possible, enabling inital results to be discussed at the industry session at the virtual Photonex on 6 October

Our first Covid impact survey conducted in April provided a highly valued early temperature check of the impact on photonics in the UK. At the time is was too early for many to predict the impact even a few months out. The new survey is part of our promise to recheck the industry temperature as the situation develops.

Photonics appears to have shown remarkable resilience yet we have also seen divergence as factories stayed open whilst many research facilities were temporarily closed. The new survey therefore has separate threads for industrial and acamedic respondents to understand the impact in both areas.

As previously the survey is open to responses from both photonics and acoustics, and whilst targeted predominantly at UK respondents international input is welcomed. To receive direct invitations to complete future surveys and essential UK photonics updates please join the UK Photonics contact list


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