DCMS opens consultation on future communications networks

The department for Digital culture media and supports (DCMS) have launched a new call for evidence on next generation Wireless Infrastructure- Wireless Infrastructure Strategy: call for evidence – GOV.UK (www.gov.uk).

Input relating fibre back-haul and the supporting physical fibre network behind the wireless access would be very welcomed and should be directed to Question 6-

How can the regulatory and policy framework best continue to support the development and deployment of wireless infrastructure? Please provide specific, evidence based suggestions.

a). How can government encourage continued investment and innovation in wireless networks?
b). How can government encourage continued take up of wireless networks by businesses and consumers?
c). Is the current regulatory framework, including on spectrum, suitable to support new competitive models?
d). How can government support the deployment of energy-efficient wireless networks?


We recommend those interesting in the communications supply chain especially the interplay of wireless and optical networks respond to the consultation by 25 November 2022

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